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Akrikhin Implements Cegedim Relationship Management’s Award Winning* Cloud-Based Mobile Intelligence™ Boosted by the Eight-Million-Strong OneKey™ Database of Healthcare Professionals (HCP)

Cegedim Relationship Management today announced that Akrikhin has selected cloud-based Mobile Intelligence™, powered by OneKey™, as its centralized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform for their Primary commercial team. Akrikhin enjoys a longstanding leadership position in Russia’s pharmaceutical manufacturing sector and continues to provide outstanding integrated pharmaceutical services driven by their proven legacy of R&D innovation.

Revolutionary CRM Solution Strengthens Market Access Strategies Through Deeper Stakeholder and Local Market Understanding
As Russia’s pharmaceutical market continues to grow due to new government financed programs, companies must leverage CRM solutions that deliver a holistic view of multifaceted stakeholder channels to enhance targeting and segmentation strategies. Further, formularies and government reimbursement determines the scope of a company’s footprint in Russia. And advancing market access relies heavily on driving effective sales force interactions with key healthcare decision makers. Foresight and market knowledge from third-party data insights combined with flexible CRM tools enable companies to pursue promising growth opportunities and rapidly react to dynamic market shifts.

Leveraging rich cloud-based technology, Mobile Intelligence empowers Akrikhin with a 360-degree view of customer data in order to improve understanding of customer activities, behavior, spheres of influence and key affiliation networks. Every aspect of the solution’s comprehensive data view is supported by the global OneKey HCP database – featuring automatic updates and cleansing to keep data consistently fresh, complete and unique to each HCP. Empowering Akrikhin with valuable agility in the emerging market, the flexible system architecture affords the quick modification of marketing strategies to account for markets shifts, such as new formulary developments or changing stakeholder attitudes throughout Russia.

"Akrikhin leverages Mobile Intelligence and OneKey to discover the growth potential in the Russian market,” said Stefan Janssens, President EMEA & APAC of Cegedim Relationship Management. "Mobile Intelligence’s global flexibility and field user functionality perfectly compliment the market knowledge derived from OneKey. Our end-to-end solution suite is always ready to present to stakeholders worldwide.”

* Frost & Sullivan 2011 North American Competitive Strategy Innovation Award in Mobile Sales Force Automation (SFA)

About Cegedim Relationship Management:

Cegedim Relationship Management is the Life Sciences industry’s leading provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Designed specifically for Life Sciences, the company’s innovative business solutions incorporate a thorough understanding of local, regional and worldwide trends. Cegedim Relationship Management enables more than 200,000 users in many of the world’s most innovative companies to stay ahead of market challenges. In addition to CRM, Cegedim Relationship Management also provides marketing, data optimization and regulatory compliance solutions in more than 80 countries. Cegedim Relationship Management is part of the France-based Cegedim S.A. Group.

To learn more, please visit: www.cegedim.com/rm.

Follow Cegedim Relationship Management on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Cegedim:

Founded in 1969, Cegedim is a global technology and services company specializing in the healthcare field. Cegedim supplies services, technological tools, specialized software, data flow management services and databases. Its offerings are targeted notably at healthcare industries, life sciences companies, healthcare professionals and insurance companies. The world leader in life sciences CRM, Cegedim is also one of the leading suppliers of strategic healthcare industry data. Cegedim employs 8,200 people in more than 80 countries and generated revenue of €911 million in 2011. Cegedim SA is listed in Paris (EURONEXT: CGM).

To learn more, please visit: www.cegedim.com.

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