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Google to Overtake Apple in 2016

The iPhone maker's days are numbered. You've been warned.I frequently tell my friends and colleagues that it would only take one brilliant device for Sony (NYSE: SNE), Nokia (NYSE: NOK), Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ), or Research in Motion (NASDAQ: RIMM) to turn themselves around. If it's popular enough, that single device would serve as the catalyst for future purchases. It would make us take a second look at the company that built it. In time, it could turn us into a bunch of crazed fans that rivals the loyalty and enthusiasm of Apple's most devoted consumers.This is how all tech companies succeed. Sony did it with the Walkman (and again with the original PlayStation). More impressive than that was the way Apple transformed its business with a simple (but innovative) MP3 player: the iPod.Now Google is poised to do the same with its breathtaking Project Glass initiative.Project Glass will be the first step in a revolutionary new development within the world of mobile technology. In simple terms, it could eliminate the need for most of the devices people can't live without -- most notably smartphones. Not that Google would ever want to cannibalize its billion-dollar Android business. I'm sure the glasses will interface with your existing phone, at least initially. But long-term, there's no reason why smartphone technology shouldn't be baked right into the glasses.That's not where the innovation comes from, however. There will always be devices that replace the need for other technology. Cell phones, for example, made beepers irrelevant. Some would argue that they were always irrelevant. But when cell phones hit it big, the world no longer needed a device that beeped whenever your best friend needed to chat.Project Glass is more than a replacement device – it is conceivably the next evolution in mobile computing. Remember those sci-fi moves that told us the world would one day possess a wearable computer? This could be it.If nothing else, Project Glass could lead to a novelty device (or several novelty devices) that people can't live without. For example, some consumers find it hard to be without a GPS after using one. Imagine what those same people might experience after having a 3D map float in front of their face while walking through New York City.I don't know if Google will market Project Glass with the Android name. But just as developers can use Android to build fresh apps for your smartphone, you can be sure that Google will allow ...

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MilliardengewinnApple-Aktie steigt dank starker iPhone-VerkäufeApple bleibt dank starker Verkäufe seiner iPhones eine Geldmaschine. Im vergangenen Vierteljahr machte der Konzern 7,7 Milliarden Dollar Gewinn. Die Aktie ist gefragt.
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21.01.2010Apple Teilgewinne realisierenDer Aktionär
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