05.07.2022 20:48

65% of Today's Workforce Is Actively Looking for Another Job; Culture Over Everything Is the Solution


Internationally-Recognized REBEL Culture™ Founder Michael Sonbert Shares Insight for Business Leaders on How to Navigate Unprecedented Change

LONG ISLAND, N.Y., July 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- People spend 33% of their lives at work, yet work satisfaction is at an all-time low. The stakes for leaders have never been higher, as the Great Resignation continues to dominate the workforce.

With the pandemic changing the professional landscape at an exponential rate and on a global scale, the time for change is NOW. More than 65% of people report being dissatisfied with their work and are actively looking to better their lives, starting with their jobs. Only the leaders and organizations that are paying attention- that are willing to be the change that the workforce is calling for- are going to come out on top.

Leadership expert, speaker, performance coach, educator, and Rebel Culture founder Michael Sonbert encourages leaders to find a different way.

"The bookshelves of the leaders across the country look very similar- they have books on dynamic leadership, communication, crucial conversations, accountability, and on and on and on. But so many of these leaders simply aren't doing the things on a daily basis that these books say to do. They haven't defined who they are as leaders, elevated all systems based on that, broadcast all this to their teams, executed maniacally, and level-set relentlessly. They don't need another book. They need a plan." - Michael Sonbert

So what do leaders need to know and how can they move forward?

  • Leadership is a sacred responsibility. Leaders must carry the weight of their team's expectations and understand the sacred responsibility they have to provide support and encouragement at every step.
  • Leadership requires transformational discomfort. Leaders must understand that self belief, expertise, and execution drive positive change, while mediocrity results in teams feeling left behind.
  • Leadership means zero confusion. Leaders must help eliminate all confusion through precise and proactive communication, systems, and protocol, enabling everyone to work in unison.
  • Great leaders fear forward. Leaders take action despite the fear of being judged, feeling inadequate, failing, losing valuable team members, or making the wrong decisions.
  • Leaders are unapologetic about their impact. Leaders must defy the notion that work is supposed to suck, employees should do the bare minimum, and employees must simply tolerate their bosses.
  • Leaders must honor the 33%. People spend 33% of their lives at work. This time must be meaningful, inspired, and intentional. Teams deserve nothing less than this standard.
  • "The idea here is that in order to get from a place of things not going well to where they are going well, we've got to get really uncomfortable. This is the biggest challenge for so many leaders. The key is simply staying focused on what's on the other side of the discomfort: a REBEL Culture and the vibrant, aligned organization you deserve to be running and that your team members deserve to be a part of." - Michael Sonbert

    As business leaders are forced to re-evaluate what their organizations will look like moving forward, leaders are best able to adapt to these changes and seize this opportunity for deeper connection and alignment within their teams are the ones who will ultimately thrive when the dust settles.

    About Michael Sonbert

    Michael Sonbert is performance coach, educator, founder and CEO of Skyrocket Education and Rebel Culture. He's turned his passion for educational reform into a global call to action for corporate leadership transformation. Using his own story of overcoming addiction, despair, and unfulfilled potential, Michael reclaimed his life and is committed to leading a Rebel Culture Revolution.

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