17.08.2022 22:54

A new documentary series from Moi et Cie will star Urgences-santé paramedics!


Nos paramédics (CNW Group/Urgences-santé)

Camera crews will follow teams on the streets of Montréal and Laval over 12 episodes

MONTREAL, Aug. 17, 2022 /CNW Telbec/ - Starting at 8:30 p.m. On Thursday, August 18, 2022, a new documentary series showcased on Moi et Cie, a Groupe TVA channel, will feature 20 paramedics from Corporation d'urgences-santé on the job. This twelve-part series entitled Nos paramédics (Our paramedics) was created jointly by production company Avanti | Toast and Urgences-santé to get a behind-the-scenes look at this vocation.

The series is a unique opportunity to raise awareness, promote the paramedic profession and foster callings.

 "We're extremely grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Avanti | Toast and broadcaster TVA Group in producing this brand new series. As recruitment is currently a challenge, we believe this is an extraordinary showcase for reaching out to young people and those looking for a stimulating and extraordinary career," said François Charpentier, President and CEO of Corporation d'urgences-santé. 

Touching Quebecers through their humanity 
As part of this new documentary series, the film crew followed the protagonists on various calls during their shift. Episodes underscore the empathy, dedication and passion shown by paramedics every day.

"The series protagonists honour the profession through their words and actions. They are worthy representatives of the 1,100 paramedics working for Corporation d'urgences-santé! I hope that Quebecers will be touched by their humanity," concluded Mr. Charpentier.

Furthermore, Pascale Boies, one of the paramedics starring in the series, vouches for the reality of what's shown on screen: "The series shows the real work we do every day; the challenges we face, the range of emotions we may feel, and the issues that may arise. It also reflects the deep-seated sense of accomplishment that comes from helping those in need." 

Corporation d'urgences-santé is constantly recruiting paramedics, emergency medical dispatchers, vehicle commissioning agents, as well as several other positions. Looking for an exciting opportunity? Check out the job postings.

About Corporation d'urgences-santé 
Corporation d'urgences-santé, operating under Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux, is the largest ambulance service organization in Québec. It employs close to 1,700 people, including more than 1,100 paramedics and over 110 emergency medical dispatchers, who serve residents of Montréal and Laval (2.5 million people).


Several stars of the Nos paramédics series are available for interviews in French and English. They can share more of their experiences and anecdotes, along with unique insights about their extraordinary job.

Caroline Beaudin and Joshua Arruda Aguiar, paramedics and Nos paramédics series protagonists. (CNW Group/Urgences-santé)

Pascale Boies, paramedic and Nos paramédics series protagonist. (CNW Group/Urgences-santé)

SOURCE Urgences-santé

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