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30.11.2021 19:37

?American Storage & Logistics Relieves Holiday Supply Chain Headaches By Using Technology & eCommerce


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Nov. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The eCommerce boom of 2020 coupled with supply chain problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic left many logistics businesses scrambling to meet customer demands. As another busy holiday season approaches, many businesses are looking for ways to relieve the pressure brought on by the peak season.

American Storage & Logistics is creating new ways to supply equipment in this time of high demand.

The upward pressure of eCommerce, online shopping, and increased consumer demand is causing shipping delays for many warehouse distribution centers and logistics companies. The labor shortage and lack of proper equipment are also adding to the problem.

Most Material Handling Equipment Suppliers Still Use Antiquated Ways to Do Business

In contrast to the ever-evolving eCommerce businesses are the suppliers that sell the material handling equipment used to fulfill those online orders. The equipment supply industry has not adjusted to the demands of our time as quickly as others. Most suppliers still lack functional websites and require manual forms and phone calls to place orders.

A Solution to Supply Chain Headaches

American Storage & Logistics, a leading provider of warehouse equipment, stands out from the crowd in its use of technology. The company is creating new ways to supply equipment in this time of high demand. Their easy-to-navigate website showcases their updated inventory, where customers can place orders directly without having to go through a salesperson. They also have numerous shipping and delivery options to make their products more accessible. American Storage & Logistics offers great solutions for many warehousing and logistics companies that simply do not have the time to deal with old-school purchasing methods.

Learn more about the shipping and delivery options that American Storage & Logistics offers.

Another way that American Storage & Logistics is helping their customers is through specialized services such as installation and design. Many warehouses struggling with staffing issues and meeting deadlines may not have the resources to optimize their layout or install equipment. American Storage & Logistics' professional installers and design specialists meet customers where they need them the most.

Educating Customers Through Informative Guides

American Storage & Logistics also differentiates itself by providing educational resources to its customers. The company has an expansive Warehouse Resources section on its website that informs warehouse managers on how to make smarter purchasing decisions, allowing them to plan, build, and purchase a warehouse expansion project as autonomously as possible.

About American Storage & Logistics

American Storage and Logistics has been a leader in new, used, and refurbished warehouse equipment for over 50 years. In addition to supplying warehouse equipment, they also provide installation, design, and teardown and relocation services. For more information about American Storage & Logistics, visit https://aslmhc.com/.


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SOURCE American Storage & Logistics

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