An Increase in Forged Interpreter Certificates Calls for Higher Security Measures

18.06.24 18:15 Uhr

TYSONS, Va., June 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The Academy of Interpretation (AOI), a leading organization dedicated to maintaining high-quality standards in the language services industry, has recently identified an alarming increase in the submission of forged certificates from interpreters. These fraudulent certificates claim completion of a 40-hour medical interpreter course, posing significant risks to the integrity of the profession and the quality of services provided.

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"The rise in forged certificates is a serious concern that undermines the credibility of professional interpreters and compromises the quality of interpretation services," said Sameh Abdelkader, Director of Education at the AOI. "Our mission is to uphold the highest standards in the industry, and we are committed to addressing this issue head-on. As soon as we saw our own certificate forged, we knew we had to handle these issues immediately."

Forged certificates jeopardize the trust between clients and interpreters and potentially endanger the lives of individuals relying on accurate and professional medical interpretation. The AOI emphasizes the importance of rigorous training and proper credentialing to ensure interpreters are adequately prepared to handle the complexities of medical interpretation.

In response to this issue, the AOI is collaborating with other Language Service Providers (LSPs) to implement enhanced security measures for certificate verification. These measures aim to ensure the authenticity of the interpreter's credentials and maintain the high standards expected in the industry.

New Security Measures Include:

  • Digital Verification System: Implementation of a secure, digital system that allows for quick and reliable verification of interpreter certificates. This system will enable employers and clients to confirm the validity of certificates in real time.
  • Unique Identifiers: Introduction of unique identifiers and QR codes on certificates, making it easier to track and verify the authenticity of each certificate issued by the AOI.
  • Collaboration with LSPs: Working closely with other LSPs to share information and best practices for detecting and preventing the use of forged certificates. This collaborative approach aims to create a unified front against fraudulent activities in the industry.
  • Regular Audits and Updates: Instituting periodic audits of the verification system and updates to security features to stay ahead of forgery techniques and ensure ongoing integrity of the certification process.
  • "We are taking these steps to protect the integrity of the language services profession and ensure that only qualified and properly trained interpreters are serving the community," added Abdelkader. "By working together with other LSPs, we can effectively combat this issue and maintain the trust and confidence of our clients."

    The AOI is dedicated to providing continuous education, training, and credentialing to interpreters, ensuring they meet the highest standards of professionalism and competence. The introduction of these security measures represents AOI's unwavering commitment to upholding the quality and integrity of the language services industry. If you're an LSP that needs assistance on how to put these practices into place, our IT and Education Departments are standing by.

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    The Academy of Interpretation (AOI) is a leading organization in the language services industry, dedicated to professionalizing the field and maintaining high-quality standards. AOI offers education, training, and credentialing to interpreters, translators, and language professionals to ensure effective communication across linguistic and cultural divides.

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