09.08.2022 16:00

Atreo Secures $4M Funding Led by RTSM Veterans and SaaS Visionaries


Investment to Accelerate Growth of Revolutionary RTSM Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Atreo, Inc., a Clinical Development SaaS company focused on modernizing and simplifying the clinical trials process, has announced closing of a $4 million Series Seed Preferred financing round, bringing Atreo's total funding to $5.75 million.  


"With the launch of Atreo's next generation RTSM platform, we've fulfilled our goal of building a product that delivers a new level of speed, agility, and quality to the clinical space by leveraging modern engineering and testing methods," said Ryan Harrison, Atreo's CEO.  "Our team has consulted with numerous RTSM and clinical leaders, many of whom chose to invest in Atreo.  Their investment reaffirms the benefits of our approach and commitment to fuel continued adoption of our new, game-changing solution."

Atreo's Executive Team includes RTSM and clinical development experts who have drawn from their deep industry experience to modernize the clinical development process.  "Our reinvestment in Atreo was an easy decision," said Jon Dole, Lead Investor & Strategic Advisor.  "I've spent over 20 years in RTSM and have been amazed by Atreo's progress towards creating the next generation RTSM solution.  Legacy providers have struggled to innovate in recent years, leading to quality and scalability challenges.  Atreo's experienced, tech forward team has directly addressed these challenges and built a platform that simplifies the RTSM experience for clinical teams–it's so much faster, more agile and more scalable than existing solutions."

Atreo's Lead Investors include RTSM & clinical supplies founders and life sciences executives.  In addition to industry experts, Atreo is thrilled to welcome Slack Co-Founders Stewart Butterfield and Cal Henderson to our investor team.  "Modern technology is at the core of Atreo's RTSM product and advantages," said Jon Ball, COO of Atreo.  "Our team has specifically sought innovative leaders to help support our growth.  Stewart and Cal created an industry leading collaboration tool in Slack, while maintaining focus on putting the customer first and providing an invigorating environment for their employees.  Their model and support of Atreo has been invaluable."

To learn more about Atreo, please visit:  https://atreo.io/        

About Atreo, Inc.

Atreo is a clinical technology company, comprised of experienced clinical technology experts, that has created the next generation of RTSM platform.  Atreo helps clinical teams to modernize the RTSM experience with unmatched agility and simplicity by leveraging advanced technology and testing methods. Atreo has addressed all common RTSM pain points.  Our solution offers numerous advantages, with a specific emphasis on:

  • Speed: 1 - 2 week RTSM build from Kickoff to Go-Live
  • Quality Quantified: Modern testing practices mitigating RTSM risk
  • Agility: Simplified system changes at no cost and unmatched quality

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SOURCE Atreo, Inc.

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