02.08.2021 15:30

Box Pure Air Launches Tech Enabled HEPA Air Purification Solution to Lead the Way in Providing Clean Air for Schools, Offices and Home


CHARLESTON, S.C., Aug. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- BOX Pure Air, the trusted distributor of industry-leading air purification solutions, has introduced a new way to manage and maintain quality air in schools.

BOX Pure Air, LLC (PRNewsfoto/BOX Pure Air, LLC)

Fleet Management when connected to BOX Pure Air units enables facility management control and insights from every part of their building. Receive notifications when filters need to be changed, schedule units to work harder after school hours and receive real-time feedback on air quality.

Indoor air quality is important as we spend the majority of our time (90%) indoors. Indoor air can be 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air. Research shows that poor indoor air quality can be linked to difficulty concentrating and poor performance amongst students.

"Many schools have the added issues of age which has made air quality a difficult task to tackle.," says BOX Pure Air CEO Ryan Cowell. "COVID and schools taking extra precautions have brought added attention to the issue, and the government is providing funding to help drive IAQ improvement in schools. Fleet Management is so important because it allows schools to regularly check air quality and fix little problems before they become big problems. Studies show that using Portable HEPA air cleaners can reduce risk of exposure by more than half."

Parents are concerned as well; a study conducted by RAND, Inc. this past spring had parents rank items that would make them feel better about returning to in-person classes. The number one item? Ventilation.  "I have kids in grade school and their school making a financial commitment to improving the air quality, especially nowadays, goes a long way. But them being able to show parents live updates on the environment our kids are learning in, just gives us peace of mind at the end of the day," says Cowell.

Schools accommodate up to 4x more occupants than a regular office building with the same floor space. Additional factors such as outdated furniture containing toxic chemicals and a concentration of diesel exhaust from school buses equals schools being labeled a point of concern by the EPA.

"Healthy environments for our kids and students to be able to receive the education they deserve, in an environment catered to their best interests is imperative," says Cowell. "We will work with schools to meet and exceed good indoor air quality and make a commitment to fixing it."

Talk to one of our Air Quality Professionals today and learn how you can utilize American Rescue Plan Funding to implement your Safe Air Zone plan.

About Box Pure Air
BOX Pure Air strives to help businesses and consumers create a safe and healthy clean air environment that is free of airborne pathogens. We exceed national standards of indoor air quality by following CDC requirements for air ventilation utilizing HEPA certified filters and incorporating proven antimicrobial technologies. Box Pure Air is a subsidiary of SinglePoint Inc. (OTC:SING)




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