15.08.2022 20:45

Cataldo Increases Rates for Paramedics


SOMERVILLE, Mass., Aug. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Cataldo Ambulance Service continues to demonstrate its ongoing commitment to supporting Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers with its recent announcement to increase the compensation for paramedics. "EMS pay rates across the country have historically lagged behind other industries," says Kevin Turner, COO of Cataldo. "Much of this is due to the way EMS services are typically paid for; insurance reimbursements particularly Federal and State funded rates are notoriously slow to increase even as expenses rise."

Cataldo Ambulance Service, Inc increases wages for medics.

EMS first responders are credited with saving millions of lives each year, however, in 2022 the industry has reported a crippling worker shortage. Much of this is due to the combined rigors of the job, long hours, and low pay. Dennis Cataldo, President & CEO of Cataldo Ambulance Service, has long advocated for the industry to treat EMS workers more professionally. "Historically, EMTs have made between $15 and $17 dollars an hour. This makes it a hard role to stay in. If you can't pay expenses you're not going to stay in the profession – and yet, we depend on these workers to literally save lives," says Cataldo.

Cataldo Ambulance Service has taken a decisive step by raising the wages for EMS staff. Dennis Cataldo adds, "The long-term goal is to support the industry as a profession, and in the short run, we want to demonstrate how much we value our staff and want to retain our talented EMS team."

As of today, the starting wage for all paramedics at Cataldo Ambulance Service will be $25/hour with experienced paramedics able to make up to $40/hour. Cataldo also increased the compensation of EMTs last fall.

In an industry that has seen many ups and downs, Cataldo Ambulance continues to adjust to market conditions. "When COVID hit, our team met the challenges head-on.  We continued to support our contracted municipalities and towns, ensuring uninterrupted 911 service. We became one of the primary vaccination providers for the State of Massachusetts and, as a medical transportation crisis escalated, provided transportation resources for our most vulnerable populations," says Kevin Turner. "The Cataldo EMS team is highly trained. Our certified dispatchers, call takers, field providers, and wheelchair car drivers, provide Massachusetts residents with high-quality patient care. We believe in them and will continue to fight for better wages and professional recognition."

In addition to wage increases, Cataldo Ambulance Service already offers EMS professionals flexible schedules, paid time off, free training through the Cataldo Education Center, options for free or low-cost health benefits, as well as new vehicles and equipment.  For those interested in exploring a career with Cataldo, there will be a hiring open house for paramedics at the Cataldo Education Center, located at 109 Madison Street in Malden, on Wednesday, August 24th from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Since 1977 Cataldo Ambulance Service continues to distinguish itself as a leader in EMS, providing routine and emergency medical transportation services, offering clinical education, and introducing the first mobile integrated health service line in Massachusetts. As the needs of the community and patients change, Cataldo continues to develop innovative programs designed to ensure the highest level of care is available throughout its service areas. Cataldo is a key partner with the state in providing COVID testing and vaccination resources.

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