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cloudHQ Offers New Way to Make Money as a Creative Through… Email?


SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- cloudHQ, an email management company based out of San Francisco, California, announced a feature upgrade of its popular Gmail™ Email Templates by cloudHQ app, where creatives can now design and share their email templates with 1- click.


The digital creative community has been largely focussed on NFTs, but cloudHQ has a different form of digital art in mind: email templates. As more creatives are looking for new ways to make additional income streams, an often overlooked opportunity lies in the marketing industry.

A large reason for the boom in marketing services is a fascinating correlation between immigrants and entrepreneurship.  For example, immigrant founders started 52 percent of all new Silicon Valley companies between 1995 and 2005 alone, and launched 25% of all US businesses (Inc.com, 2/2015). Those founders don't just need help with copy material, they also need help with visual marketing that speaks to a savvy pop-culture audience. This makes for a complementary relationship between creative and small business communities. 

Another fun fact is that 81% of small businesses rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel (Emarsys, 2018). Knowing this information, cloudHQ decided to help make email templates more easily shareable to address a growing need for them in the business community. With cloudHQ's new feature, anyone can now share their digital art email templates in just 1 click.

"We recognize the need for great email marketing among small businesses, and we know that many creatives are looking for new ways to make money," Naomi Assaraf, cloudHQ's Chief Marketing Officer states. "By enabling easier access to email templates, we're hoping it helps creatives find consulting jobs with small businesses who need their marketing and language skills."

cloudHQ plans on creating a marketplace for email templates in the near future to further help bridge the gap between supply and demand. In the meantime, Gmail Email Templates by cloudHQ has a generous free basic plan, with a Premium plan upgrade, if needed.

cloudHQ, LLC is located in San Francisco, California, with a distributed team of just under 10 people, all working remotely.

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