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Commaris Announces Partnership with Cytta


Cytta to Provide Cutting Edge Technology for Commaris's SEEKER UAV Fleet

WOBURN, Mass., Aug. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Commaris™, a brand of Terrafugia, Inc. delivering uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) for commercial operations, today announced a new partnership with Cytta Corp (OTCQB: CYCA), a company that specializes in video compression technology for mission-critical video streaming and integrated communications capabilities. This partnership entails that Commaris will collaborate with Cytta to engineer an integrated proof-of-concept system deploying Cytta's IGAN (Incident Global Area Network) command system and SUPR video compression technology in its newly introduced fleet of Commaris SEEKER UAVs. The SEEKER UAV is designed to be utilized in multiple first-responder applications and other industries worldwide.


"We are excited to launch our new partnership with Cytta and leverage their groundbreaking communications solutions for high-bandwidth video. Cytta's IGAN is a unique tool for video collaboration that includes the integration of video feeds from unmanned operations. With IGAN, our SEEKER UAV will make it simple for participants to not only remotely stream an airborne video feed in real-time, but also remotely send in-flight video commands such as video zoom on an area of interest," said Kevin Colburn, President of Terrafugia and its Commaris UAV brand. "Combined, our two companies' products will be a game-changer for public safety organizations for incident management, disaster relief, and other situations."

Cytta's IGAN platform is a fully integrated, multimedia connectivity platform that incorporates integrated features, including an "advanced interactive mapping" feature. The new features of the IGAN 2.0 ICS (Incident Command System) allow for the collection and dissemination of real-time video and audio situational awareness while concurrently serving as a real-time information collection and integration tool. Cytta's proprietary SUPR ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) system delivers real-time compression of video streams for streaming HD, 4K, and higher resolution video in bandwidth-constrained environments while reducing required technical resources.

"Commaris's Seeker UAV is one of the most advanced and functional in the aircraft industry, which is why Cytta is eagerly embracing our partnership with this innovative and exciting Company," said Gary Campbell, CEO of Cytta Corp. "By partnering with Commaris, we look forward to jointly engineering an unparalleled Commaris product that incorporates both our IGAN and SUPR connectivity systems. With the addition of our proprietary technology, SEEKER aircraft across the world will be able to offer customers realtime, safe, secure, and actionable information in sensitive environments on an ongoing basis."

The SEEKER's innovative, electric, fixed-wing/VTOL hybrid aircraft is designed to perform a wide variety of commercial inspection operations, including security and surveillance, inspections, surveying, mapping, and more. It has a long-endurance capability, with up to three or more hours of flight time without a battery change, and it supports multiple payload configurations of up to 10 pounds at a top speed of 75 mph.

To learn more about Cytta and to get in touch, please visit www.Cytta.com. If interested in partnering with Commaris or becoming a reseller of the SEEKER, please visit www.Commaris.com.

About Commaris

Commaris, a brand of Terrafugia, Inc., delivers uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) for commercial operations in power, gas, oil, mapping, agriculture, security, and more. Its flagship UAV, the SEEKER, provides industry-leading flight times with ultra-low noise output, fast and precise vertical takeoff and landing, and dual-GPS systems with automated route planning. The SEEKER's extensive payload-carrying capability is customizable with a variety of modular options, such as a 30x optical zoom EO/IR camera for inspection, a 120-megapixel high-resolution camera for terrain mapping and 3D modeling, a six-band multispectral camera designed for precision agriculture analysis, a LiDAR system, a laser methane sensor, or a corona discharge sensor, most of which will feature the ability to stream data to the operator in near-real-time. Terrafugia and Commaris are members of the Geely Technology Group. For more information on Commaris, please visit www.Commaris.com.

About Cytta

Cytta Corp (OTCQB: CYCA) develops and distributes proprietary software technology designed to shift how video/audio data is integrated, streamed, consumed, transferred, and stored. Cytta has created video/audio integration software with intelligence gathering capability, advanced video compression, and portable/SaaS hardware/software systems that solve real-world problems in large markets. Cytta wants its products to enable and empower the world to consume higher quality video/audio/information anywhere and anytime. Cytta's ultimate goal is to create/deliver a high-quality video/audio/information real-time platform that is not readily discernible from on-the-ground reality, creating a virtual "Reality Delivered" system for all parties utilizing our technology.

Cytta's proprietary intelligent IGAN 2.0 Incident Command System (ICS) system integrates any available video and audio streams, enabling real-time situational awareness while providing relevant and detailed actionable intelligence on an ongoing basis. The IGAN 2.0 ICS introduces real-time video and audio situational awareness while concurrently serving as a real-time intelligence collection and integration tool. Cytta's proprietary SUPR ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) system delivers real-time compression of video streams for all ISR applications. By utilizing a SUPR-enabled encoder onboard an unmanned system, video can be securely streamed in high definition through extremely low bandwidth with ultra-low latency.

For more information, please visit Cytta.com and the Cytta Video Channel on YouTube to view Cytta's vision, products, competitive advantages, marketplace, new product utilization, and markets.

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