Danone, DMC, Michelin and Crédit Agricole Centre France join forces to create a cutting-edge biotechnology platform

12.06.24 18:49 Uhr

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Paris (France), June 12, 2024

Center for Sustainable Materials - Parc Cataroux (Clermont-Ferrand)

Danone, DMC, Michelin and Crédit Agricole Centre France join forces to create a cutting-edge biotechnology platform

Two major French industrial leaders Danone and Michelin, the American start-up DMC Biotechnologies and Crédit Agricole Centre France, a key investor in the region, have agreed to create the Biotech Open Platform to bolster the development of advanced fermentation processes, particularly precision fermentation, on a larger scale. Precision fermentation is a revolutionary biotechnological process to produce bio-based materials and ingredients.

With an investment of over 16 million euro in the first phase, the industrial and technological platform will be located in Clermont-Ferrand within the Parc Cataroux Center for Sustainable Materials, an innovation accelerator supported by Michelin. The Biotech Open Platform is also supported by several public and private institutions: the University of Clermont Auvergne, the company Greentech, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Clermont Auvergne Métropole.

As industry looks for alternatives to fossil-based resources, it is turning to innovative and sustainable solutions to meet its supply needs while providing more efficient materials. Biotechnology - and particularly precision fermentation - is one of the most promising ways to meet this challenge. Precision fermentation is a cutting-edge technology that uses microorganisms like bacteria, yeast or fungi to produce proteins, enzymes and other molecules that are used in industry. It is particularly suited to innovation in the agri-food and materials sectors. Although fundamental research has made considerable progress, biotechnologies must now be developed on a larger scale.

The Biotech Open Platform's ambition is to accelerate the development of precision fermentation by enabling the scale-up of innovative products and processes already tested in the laboratory. By 2025, the project plans to install an initial demo-scale production line, including a fermenter and purification equipment. Additional equipment will be installed in the following years, including a second production line. This ramp-up will enable the platform to meet the scale-up needs of its founders and to gradually open it up to other companies facing the challenge of scaling up in the industrial biomanufacturing sector.

Florent Menegaux, President of the Michelin group: " The Michelin group is pleased to announce the creation, with its partners, of the Biotech Open Platform – a unique tool that will enhance the development of bio-sourced materials, a key challenge for the industry of tomorrow. Located in Auvergne, it exemplifies Michelin’s unflagging commitment to developing innovation and the regions where the Group operates."

Antoine de Saint-Affrique, CEO of Danone: "At Danone, we have always been focused on investing in the future of food, and this partnership is the next step in this journey. We look forward to working with our partners to develop cutting-edge fermentation technologies which will accelerate innovation, health benefits and decarbonization in the food industry. We are proud to be part of this collective effort and to strengthen our contribution to meet the challenges facing the industry today."

Kenny Erdoes, CEO of DMC: "We are enthusiastic about this new partnership with companies that are at the heart of French life. For us, as an American start-up, the development of the new Biotech Open Platform will enable us to accelerate the scale-up and commercialization of new products leveraging our transformative fermentation technology."

Frédéric Baraut, CEO of Crédit Agricole Centre France: "Crédit Agricole Centre France is taking steps to support transformation and innovation in the region. By contributing to the Biotech Open Platform, we are helping to develop a new bio-based sector based in Clermont-Ferrand and also adding to the value and the attractiveness of the region. This will also help provide opportunities and synergies to the start-ups in our Innovation Village, also in the Parc Cataroux.”

Press contacts

Michelin / Center for Sustainable Materials: Pascale Audibert - pascale.audibert@michelin.com /

+336 34 09 82 67 – Michelin group media relations: + 33 1 45 66 22 22 - X : @MichelinNews

Danone: press@danone.com

DMC Biotechnologies: Kathryn Sheridan - kathryn@dmcbio.com

Crédit Agricole Centre France: Isabelle Dugat - isabelle.dugat@ca-centrefrance.fr / +33 4 73 30 58 89

About the Center for Sustainable Materials
The Center for Sustainable Materials is one of the four centers of Parc Cataroux, the only regeneration project of its kind in Europe dedicated to innovation in all its forms. Its aim is to develop circular supply chains with controlled impact in the field of bio-sourced or recycled materials. The Center for Sustainable Materials provides its ecosystem with its expertise and the facilities adjacent to the Michelin Cataroux site, to ensure the conditions for a successful industrial demonstrator for the startups that it hosts. Its infrastructure is funded by a property company composed of five partners: Crédit Agricole Centre France, the Michelin group, Banque des Territoires, Caisse d’Epargne Auvergne Limousin and the Puy-de-Dôme Clermont Auvergne Métropole Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

About Michelin
Michelin is building a world-leading manufacturer of life-changing composites and experiences. Pioneering engineered materials for more than 130 years, Michelin is uniquely positioned to make decisive contributions to human progress and to a more sustainable world.
Drawing on its deep know-how in polymer composites, Michelin is constantly innovating to manufacture high-quality tires and components for critical applications in demanding fields as varied as mobility, construction, aeronautics, low-carbon energies, and healthcare.
The care placed in its products and deep customer knowledge inspire Michelin to offer the finest experiences. This spans from providing data- and AI-based connected solutions for professional fleets to recommending outstanding restaurants and hotels curated by the MICHELIN Guide.
Headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, France, Michelin is present in 175 countries and employs 132,200 people.

About Danone
Danone is a leading global food and beverage company operating in three health-focused, fast-growing and on-trend categories: Essential Dairy & Plant-Based products, Waters and Specialized Nutrition. With a long-standing mission of bringing health through food to as many people as possible, Danone aims to inspire healthier and more sustainable eating and drinking practices while committing to achieve measurable nutritional, social, societal and environment impact. Danone has defined its Renew strategy to restore growth, competitiveness, and value creation for the long-term. With almost 90,000 employees, and products sold in over 120 markets, Danone generated €27.6 billion in sales in 2023. Danone’s portfolio includes leading international brands (Actimel, Activia, Alpro, Aptamil, Danette, Danio, Danonino, evian, Nutricia, Nutrilon, Volvic, among others) as well as strong local and regional brands (including Aqua, Blédina, Bonafont, Cow & Gate, Mizone, Oikos and Silk). Listed on Euronext Paris and present on the OTCQX platform via an ADR (American Depositary Receipt) program, Danone is a component stock of leading sustainability indexes including the ones managed by Moody’s and Sustainalytics, as well as the MSCI ESG Indexes, the FTSE4Good Index Series, Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, and the Access to Nutrition Index. Danone’s ambition is to be B-Corp certified at global level in 2025.

About DMC
DMC is a US-based company that develops and produces chemicals and ingredients using precision fermentation. DMC’s proprietary technology platform Dynamic Metabolic Control™ makes fermentation more standardized, robust, and predictable.

About Crédit Agricole Centre France
Bolstered by its 2,400 employees and 230 branches, Crédit Agricole Centre France is a responsible and purpose-driven bank,that serves its 900,000 clients. Operating in Allier, Cantal, Corrèze, Creuse and Puy-de-Dôme, it is committed each day to developing its region, where it is the leading bank, and supports the creation and development of companies and initiatives that ensure sustainable local employment.
Involved over the last 20 years in investment capital, Crédit Agricole Centre France currently assists more than 50 companies with their development, transmission and external growth initiatives.
Strongly committed to fostering innovation, it also supports young, innovative companies thanks to its accelerator, the Village 
by CACF.


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