24.11.2021 09:05

Dating app Feeld announces minimum salary of £60,000 for all employees


A first for the dating app industry, the Baseline Freedom Salary is the latest example of the transparent compensation system across the business

  • The Baseline Freedom Salary offers all employees a minimum salary of £60,000 ($80,000)
  • The new minimum salary closes the male/female gender pay gap from 6% to 1% in the organisation
  • The salary announcement is a continuation of Feeld's equitable and progressive culture in a market experiencing the 'great resignation'

LONDON, Nov. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Feeld -the world's most progressive dating app- announces all employees across the globe will be receiving a minimum salary of £60,000 ($80,000*) from January 2022.

Ana Kirova, CEO of Feeld

The new salary announcement, which will impact close to 40% of Feeld's full time staff, comes as the leadership team continues to be as transparent and accountable as possible whilst challenging the industry benchmarks.

The independently-run company, which is a pioneer in normalising sexuality, desires and new dating experiences for couples and singles, aims to provide enough compensation so that all employees can live a meaningful and fulfilling life while rethinking existing systems on compensation and working towards a human-centered future of work.

Ana Kirova, CEO of Feeld comments; "When reviewing salaries for 2022, we realised that none of the benchmarks or data sets from the job market represented the impact of the work of certain roles within our organisation.They were simply highly undercompensated in the wider job market.

"We created the Baseline Freedom Salary to compensate for our team's hard work and ensure unfair gaps in compensation don't creep in as we grow. We feel it's crucial all of our employees live meaningful and fulfilling life and fair compensation is key. Hopefully, initiatives like this could serve as examples to spark positive change in other companies, especially in these times of drastic change to the workplace."

Erin Shoji, VP of People comments; "A transparent compensation system removes factors that perpetuate systemic bias such as one's ability to negotiate and salary history. The Baseline Freedom Salary takes this one step further and alleviates any potential day-to-day financial worry.

"We are confident that the Baseline Freedom Salary will increase proficiency and growth within the business.The Baseline Freedom Salary also reflects how the humans who work at Feeld respect and value each others' work.''

Since being appointed CEO in April 2020, Ana has made crucial changes across the business, which includes forming a leadership team of 60% female-identifying members, over 50% female-identifying newly hired engineers, bucking the 8% trend in-market and closing the male-female gender pay gap from 6% to 1%*. Feeld is a fully remote organisation since its inception, offering unlimited holiday as well as flexible working hours.

Notes To Editors:

For more information or to arrange an interview with CEO Ana Kirova please contact: Feeld@mischiefpr.com

*Gender Pay Gap UK 2020

About Feeld

Feeld is the world's most progressive dating app with over 20 sexuality and gender options. Feeld was founded in 2014 by a couple who inspired each other to change the world. Dimo and Ana had been together for two years when Ana uneasily admitted she also had feelings for a woman. Unsettled that something so human could provoke fear and confusion, Dimo created Feeld – a space where people like him and Ana could date as a couple and meet like-minded humans. Today, Feeld is on a mission to open up the future of human connection through normalising sexual desire.

Erin Shoji, VP of People at Feeld

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