Decisions adopted in the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of AB Amber Grid

18.06.24 16:20 Uhr

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AB Amber Grid, legal entity code: 303090867. Address: Laisves ave. 10, LT-04215 Vilnius, Lithuania.

The following decisions were adopted in the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Amber Grid on 18 June 2024:

1. Aproval of the conclusion of the Humanitarian Aid Contract

1.1. to enter into a Humanitarian Aid Contract with the Ukrainian company KHMELNYTSKOBLENERGO and to approve the following main terms of the Humanitarian Aid Contract:

1.1.1. The subject matter of the Contract is humanitarian assistance to Ukraine's energy sector. The humanitarian aid shall be provided through the transfer of 10 couplings and 5 generators with a balance sheet value of EUR 107 815,10;

1.1.2. the parties to the Contract shall be Amber Grid and the Ukrainian company KHMELNYTSKOBLENERGO;

1.1.3. The purpose of humanitarian aid is the operation of energy infrastructure in wartime to meet the basic needs of people in wartime.

1.2 To authorise the Chief Executive Officer of the Company (with the right to sub-delegate) to sign the Humanitarian Aid Contract in accordance with the material terms and conditions of the Contract as set out in Clause 1.1, and to agree the other (non-material) terms and conditions of the Contract on behalf of the Company.

Attached: Press release. 

More information:
Laura Šebekiene, Head of Communications of Amber Grid,
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