DHL Delivers the 1st NASA-Designed Ventilator to Uganda for XRP Healthcare & The Burnratty Investment Group

20.10.23 07:30 Uhr

KAMPALA, Uganda, Oct. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- A transformative partnership set to reshape healthcare delivery has been established between DHL, XRP Healthcare and The Burnratty Investment Group to transport ground-breaking NASA-designed ventilators directly to the acquired medical facilities.

Caption: From left to right: Joseph Odole-Akinyemi, Laban Roomes, Mukisa Joshua William, Kain Roomes, Steven Kateihwaho (PRNewsfoto/XRP Healthcare)

DHL, which stands for Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn, was founded by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn. The company was established in 1969. It initially began as a courier service to ship cargo documents between San Francisco, California, and Honolulu, Hawaii. Over the years, DHL has grown into one of the world's leading international shipping and logistics companies and is the leading courier company to deliver Specialized Healthcare Equipment and Services into Africa.

XRP Healthcare Business Development Officer & Co-founder Laban Roomes said "We chose DHL to ship the first NASA-designed ventilator to Uganda for several key aspects:"

  • "Extensive Network: DHL has an extensive network of service points, offices, and distribution centres across Africa. This network allows them to offer domestic and international shipping services, including express deliveries, freight forwarding, and supply chain solutions.
  • Coverage: DHL serves both major urban areas and remote regions in Africa. They have a presence in countries like Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Morocco, and many others.
  • Customs Expertise: DHL provides customs clearance and import/export services, helping businesses navigate the complex customs and import regulations in different African countries.
  • E-commerce Solutions: With the growth of e-commerce in Africa, DHL has tailored its services to support online retailers and businesses. They offer shipping and last-mile delivery solutions to support e-commerce growth on the continent.
  • Specialized Services: DHL offers specialized services for industries such as healthcare, automotive, energy, and more. They have solutions for time-critical shipments, temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, and other specialized needs".
  • DHL will play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless movement of the NASA-designed ventilators from manufacturers Spiritus Medical Inc. directly to medical centres and hospitals acquired by XRP Healthcare and Ugandan-based partners The Burnratty Investment Group to consolidate the highly fragmented private healthcare Industry in Africa - where both companies aim to create a premier healthcare system that resides under one roof, with access to improved environments, systems, doctors, and medical provisions of which the NASA-designed ventilator will play a pivotal part.

    Developed by brilliant minds at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California, the SPIRITUS VITALITY ventilator of which it is so aptly called, represents a monumental leap in healthcare progress. By flawlessly incorporating the NASA-designed ventilator into XRP Healthcare's medical facilities, healthcare experts in Africa will acquire unparalleled capabilities to tackle the most intricate respiratory issues with unparalleled precision and effectiveness.

    Beyond its revolutionary capabilities, the NASA-Designed VITALITY ventilator's streamlined design allows efficient mass production, ensuring affordability and accessibility to a broader population. Its adaptability extends its reach to field hospitals, enabling crucial respiratory care in high-capacity settings like convention centres and hotels. Its remarkable capabilities have been rigorously tested at prestigious institutions, including the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, earning accolades and acclaim.

    Accessibility and Adaptability

    XRP Healthcare & The Burnratty Investment Group's strategic decision to incorporate the Nasa-Designed VITALITY ventilator into their newly acquired medical facilities marks an unparalleled leap forward in healthcare solutions. This visionary integration reflects our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional healthcare, amplifying the promise of accessible, advanced patient care.

    The DHL Country Manager for Uganda, Joseph Odole-Akinyemi, and DHL Country Commercial Manager, Steven Kateihwaho, expressed the following: "DHL Uganda's import capabilities reach across the globe and are marked by an exceptional relationship with the local authorities. We hold the prestigious AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certification, which allows us to guarantee same-day delivery for any imported item. DHL takes great pride in facilitating a historic achievement by assisting XRP Healthcare and

    The Burnratty Investment Group in bringing the first NASA-designed ventilator to Uganda. We are delighted to offer our support on behalf of DHL, ensuring the safe and secure door-to-door delivery of these life-saving devices."

    Founder of XRP Healthcare Kain Roomes remarked: "It is with immense pride and gratitude that we announce the successful delivery of the NASA-Designed ventilator to Uganda, thanks to the unwavering support of our esteemed partners, DHL. This moment is a testament to our collective commitment to improving healthcare infrastructure and saving lives in Uganda.

    XRP Healthcare was founded on the principle of leveraging innovation and global collaboration to make a significant impact on healthcare, and today, we see that principle in action. This ventilator, a product of NASA's cutting-edge technology, represents a beacon of hope for patients and healthcare professionals in Uganda. It arrives at a time when such advanced medical equipment is needed more than ever.

    We extend our heartfelt appreciation to DHL for their instrumental role in making this delivery possible. Their efficiency and dedication in ensuring the safe arrival of this vital equipment is commendable.

    This ventilator is not just a machine; it's a symbol of progress and humanity's collective efforts to provide quality healthcare for all. We are committed to working closely with healthcare institutions in Uganda to ensure the effective deployment of this ventilator and its optimal utilization in saving lives.

    Our vision at XRP Healthcare has always been to bridge gaps in healthcare access, and this milestone underscores our dedication to that mission. We look forward to further collaborations and innovations that will continue to elevate healthcare standards in Uganda and beyond.

    We extend our deepest thanks to all who have contributed to this achievement, and we eagerly anticipate the positive impact this ventilator will have on the health and well-being of the people of Uganda."

    Mukisa Joshua Williamthe Principal and Founding Executive Director at The Burnratty Investment Group remarked "We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the NASA-designed ventilator in Uganda, a crucial addition to our healthcare resources. This achievement marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to enhance medical care in our country and the African continent as a whole. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated partners, DHL, for their exceptional support in making this delivery possible.

    This ventilator, developed by NASA, represents cutting-edge technology and a testament to the power of international collaboration. It will play a vital role in our healthcare system, especially in times of medical emergencies. Its arrival is a beacon of hope for patients and healthcare professionals alike, as we strive to improve patient care and save lives.

    We are committed to deploying this ventilator in the most effective manner, ensuring that it serves those in need across our healthcare facilities. Together with DHL, we look forward to continued efforts to strengthen healthcare infrastructure in Uganda and provide quality care to our citizens.

    This moment reinforces our belief in the importance of partnerships, innovation, and global solidarity. We are dedicated to harnessing these strengths to build a healthier, more resilient Uganda. Our sincere thanks go to everyone involved in this endeavour, and we eagerly anticipate the positive impact this ventilator will have on the health and well-being of our people."

    XRP Healthcare & The Burnratty Investment Group's partnership smoothly integrates solutions with DHL's intricate global network, facilitating the transportation of NASA-designed ventilators to medical frontlines in Uganda. Beyond achieving this significant milestone, the collaboration underscores a mutual dedication to improving healthcare infrastructure and patient well-being, transcending geographical boundaries and enduring through generations.

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