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Digi-Me and Phenom People Drive Better Recruitment ROI with the Use of Video and Digital Technology for Organizations Globally


NAPERVILLE, Ill., Feb. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Digi-Me, a digital technology company that is revolutionizing the way employers of all sizes and across all industries are recruiting today's top talent with 60-second compelling and engaging video job ads, has partnered with Phenom People to offer easy to implement video content recruitment tactics.

With unemployment hovering around 4% and the demand for niche skill sets outweighing supply, it is a highly competitive job market. Employers are not only trying to win business over their competitors, but top talent as well. A strong employer branding message is needed to sway candidates and even if an organization can attract the best applicants to apply, candidates are likely already receiving an offer from another employer before having been able to schedule a first interview.

Digi-Me overcomes today's recruitment challenges by "showing and telling" a story. Through short video job ads, candidates not only read and hear about the hiring company and the job description, they have a better understanding of the environment, culture, brand, and duties with still images, B-Roll, music, colors and more. The candidate gets a much better picture of what the role will be in only one minute versus reading a long text description and then researching the company's website, which is much more time consuming. It is also easier to digest a video on a mobile device versus reading a long string of text.

Phenom People uses a single, intelligent platform approach to empower talent acquisition and talent management teams to attract, identify, engage, convert and retain candidates at efficient rates. On the frontend, Phenom's AI-powered career sites boast hyper-personalization to the candidate experience and intelligent search to deliver the right roles to the right talent with natural language processing and conversational bots that source, screen and schedule interviews before the first recruiter interaction. On the backend, the platform provides recruiters insights to discover new talent, rediscover existing candidate profiles, identify active and passive job seekers, and understand candidate intent and fit score.

Leveraging video content on an intelligent and interactive career site provides an opportunity to relay company culture, employer brand, and job description information to candidates in a dynamic medium. Through making the job search experience engaging and personalized, candidate conversions increase and creates an advantage in the war for talent.

"We have seen great results since working with Digi-Me. The customized videos help candidates understand the unique culture and positive attributes of a job.  The videos also attract candidates that may not be actively looking for a new job opportunity.  We have better intelligence on where we are getting the best results and have been getting a better ROI for our dollars spent. It's made for better talent experience and recruitment efficiency for everyone involved and I am very excited to see what the future holds for all of us working together!" says Cherice Schmidt, Vice President, KellyOCG.

Digi-Me video job ads are backed by their proprietary technology providing unmatched data around candidate behavior. Digi-Me provides real-time information on the source of the best views, applies and hires including through social sharing of the client's jobs. Digi-Me's video job ads informs recruitment and talent acquisition professionals, based on the most up-to-the-minute candidate trends, how and where to devote their efforts while recruiting.

Digi-Me's digital video job ads are easy to share on social media and easy to view on mobile devices. As a matter of fact, over 60% of Digi-Me's client applicants come through candidate social sharing. The video job ads provide a significant boost in SEO, up to 53 times, and with an easy click to apply that links to the client ATS, the best candidates are easily able to find and respond to jobs 50% faster. In addition, video is statistically proven to keep viewers on your site longer and they learn and retain more than twice the information. Digi-Me recruitment videos are typically created and delivered in a week or less and integrate easily into the customer's applicant tracking systems.

To learn more about Digi-Me's and how video job ads can help your organization, visit

Phenom People delivers Talent Relationship Marketing (TRM), a single platform for Career Sites, CRM, CMS, Conversational Bot, Internal Mobility & Referral Application, Talent Analytics and AI. Serving some of the largest organizations in the world, Phenom's TRM platform eliminates multiple point solutions, reduces cost and increases ROI for talent acquisition and talent management.

For more information, please visit to learn more about Talent Relationship Marketing.

About Digi-Me
Digi-Me's proprietary technology platform and the unmatched data we generate enhances Digi-Me's custom recruitment videos, spotlighting career opportunities and corporate culture. Digi-Me delivers information to job seekers in a way that is more engaging and more accessible across all platforms and devices. Our professional-quality video and technology solutions include the latest cloud-based analytics providing up-to-the-minute reporting on candidate behavior, including social sharing, as well as automatic integration into your ATS. Harness the power of video to boost SEO, improve candidate self-selection, and stand out from the competition with Digi-Me video solutions. Visit

About Phenom People
Phenom People is redefining what it means to search for a job and recruit top talent. We are the global leader in Talent Relationship Marketing (TRM), emplowering talent acquisition and management teams to discover, engage and retain talent through a single platform approach. Our platform is built on artificial intelligence (AI) which drives personalization, automation and accuracy for all of the stakeholders in the talent lifecycle. We believe people should be happy and inspired by their jobs - just as we are. That simple belief fuels our collective desire to fundamentally transform talent acquisition.

For more information, please visit to learn more about Talent Relationship Marketing.

Press Contact:
Allison Sima, Director of Marketing, Digi-Me
Phone: 630-780-9454 | Email: asima(at)digi-me(dot)com



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