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DIY Mammoths Bring a Global Uplift in Technical Education

MUMBAI, India, July 15, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Studies have proven that over 95% of learners prefer DIY education over book education or theory education. DIY mammoths use the results of these studies to their advantage allowing learners to independently gain practical technical knowledge right from their home.

This technology trend is better understood when we take a closer look at one of these DIY mammoths. A prominent one among these being, known to every 6 of 10 engineering students across the globe. It is largely visited by technical community, for the abundance of proven DIY ideas and kits. This mammoth website not only covers DIY ideas and kits on Electronics, Software or Mechanical domains but also cross domain ideas like Mechatronics (Electronics + Mechanical), IOT (Software + Electronics), Thermal & CFD (Mechanical + Software), Industrial Automation (Mechatronics for Industries) and more, which makes it even more interesting. This website allows a student residing in any corner of the globe to practically learn cutting edge technologies at a very affordable price. With kit prices starting as low as $24 including shipping, these kits are made affordable to students & researchers in even the poorest nations. It is not just popular among students these days, these kits are also used by companies to train technical staff and by universities for training their faculty.

From kits like Footstep power generator mechanical DIY Kits & DIY solar lawn cutter robot to AI-based personality prediction DIY software systems, it is a DIY paradise for technical learners. Working under the "Make in India" initiative, this website delivers over 1000 kits globally every month.

This DIY mammoth has seen impressive growth in technology and innovation, serving the DIY community for years. The researchers working behind this DIY repository are always researching, and more ingenious systems are being posted online every month. Having a global audience, this website serves customers in more than 55 countries. Their unique self-learning kits are aimed explicitly towards researchers, students, corporations, institutes, and enthusiasts in order to help them in technological research and development.

Nevonprojects is also frequented by engineers who want to improve their knowledge and enhance their skills on desired software algorithms, electronics concepts, or mechanical concepts. The self-learning category project kits are specifically created for students. These unique and amazing kits can help students that want to learn practical software, electronics, and mechanical development. These kits are providing students will all the necessary materials needed to make it themselves, along with detailed video tutorials and learning documents.

Companies that desire to research particular software algorithms, electronics technologies, or mechanical concepts buy NevonProjects kits in order to improve and help in Research & Development. Companies can also gain access to customized Research & Development services, product research and prototyping, and free technical consultation through Nevonprojects.

Various institutes have also started using Nevonprojects kits to practically demonstrate the latest electronics concepts, mechanical motions, and mechanisms while students are allowed to practice with these kits and gain experience and knowledge. Institutes can also order customized systems that can automate and enhance various operations.
Enthusiasts and hobbyists can make their dreams come to reality, with the help of Nevonprojects self-learning projects kits that will help them to implement various software, electronics, and electronics systems practically.

DIY Advanced Footstep Power Generation System

One of the many innovative Nevon kits is the DIY advanced power generator system that uses piezo sensors to generate power from human footsteps. The piezo sensors are mounted below a platform in order to generate electricity from footsteps.

DIY Mechanical Footstep Power Generator

This unique footstep power generator system uses rack and pinion arrangement along with gears and spring-based arrangement to generate power from footsteps. This system is ideal to be placed in crowded places like railway stations.

DIY Electricity Generator Tiles Project

In this power generating tiles project, tiles are used in order to generate electricity. The electricity required to power the streetlights can be obtained just by walking around.

DIY 2 Wheel Drive Forklift

This project kit is designed to help people move medium weights that are between 40 to 60 kg across factories and warehouses. The 2-wheel drive forklift is a fast, efficient, and low power consumption vehicle. This vehicle can be driven by a person, or it can be guided by remote.

DIY Plant Irrigation Water Sprinkler Agriculture Robot

Modern irrigation systems are complex and expensive. They require large piping setups, many sprinklers, and powerful motors in order to achieve proper irrigation. To solve the irrigation problems, NevonProjects has a unique approach by proposing a system that uses a robot with an automatic sprinkler. This robot will move through the field with a water tank, and it will efficiently spray water all over the field. Another great feature of this system is the autonomous mode.

DIY IOT Alcohol & Health Monitoring System

Employees are required by their employers to follow some rules while they are working. Factories, hospitals, offices, army, and other employers need to monitor their employees and check if they are following the job ethics and they are not coming to work while they are under the influence of alcohol or while they are sick. NevonProjects IOT based system allows alcohol and health monitoring and offers the possibility to report this data to the employer.

Movie Success Prediction Using Data Mining Php

NevonProjects has developed a mathematical model for predicting the success of a movie. Factors like actor, actresses, director, writer, music director, marketing budget and the historical data of each component will be added in this software and the movie success will be predicted. Thanks to this system, customers can decide whether to book a ticket in advance or not.

Personal Nutritionist Using FatSecret API

This software will act as a personal nutritionist. This system will guide users by telling them what is good to eat and what they should avoid eating. This system will allow the user to create a diet and to set reminders for healthy snacks.

Personality Prediction System Through CV Analysis

This system will allow employers to filter the CVs. With the help of this system, HR departments can rank the CVs automatically based on the experience and other key skills required for a specific job using software to scan 1000's of CV's at a glance.

Sentiment Based Movie Rating System

This online system will automatically allow users to post reviews and then store them in order to rate movies based on user sentiments. The system will gather all the comments for a particular movie and then calculate an average rating in order to score it.


SOURCE NevonSolutions Private Limited

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