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Exercises Above the Clouds


MUNICH, March 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Traveling to relax in Thailand or to backpack in Australia - great! But after five hours of sitting on the airplane, the initial holiday feeling quickly disappears: The neck is stiff, the back hurts and the legs are heavy as lead. In this case, only one thing helps: stretching. Doing exercises on the airplane seems like an impossible story… But only up to now! Travelletics, the first sports app for the airplane, proves the opposite. With this new app, stretching exercises can be easily done while sitting. This is particularly important for long-distance flights: With exercises, blood circulation gets stimulated and the risk of thrombosis is reduced. Whoever wants to try it out can get Travelletics with just a few clicks on the smartphone or tablet before going on the next trip. The package "Basic Traveler" with more than 30 minutes of a total body workout is available for free. 

The face behind the new app is a well-known one: Schugufa Issar Amerchel, short Sia. In early 2018, Sia was known throughout Germany as the first Afghan fitness trainer based in Munich. "The Travelletics exercises are designed to easily work in confined spaces with limited legroom. From the neck and the shoulders up to the legs, the entire body is trained and gently relaxed. That's how the blood circulation gets going on the airplane," explains Sia.

Users can download the app, create their personal profile and start doing exercises above the clouds. Illustrative videos show how it works and explain what needs to be considered for each exercise.

The program starts with one major challenge for many travelers: exercising the neck and shoulders. Simple movements like neck circling or raising and dropping of the shoulders provide stretching and relaxation. It continues with back exercises, which are crucial while sitting for long hours on the airplane. Subsequently, the stretching of hands and fingers follows. Exercises for the straight and lateral abdominal muscles are also part of the program before continuing with the mobilization of the basin. The most important exercises come at the end: leg exercises.

The focus is here primarily on the calf muscles, since they are crucial for the prevention of travel-related thrombosis. Sitting for hours with bent legs worsens the blood flow in the veins. The consequences are well known: heavy legs. But also, water retention (edema), or in the worst case, thrombosis can emerge.

The idea of Travelletics came up while Sia was on a flight: "I had a long-distance flight of over 12 hours. Whilst sitting I started with my whole-body workout. My neighbors looked at me and also joined in. I also instructed clients of my fitness classes in Munich to do some exercises in order to prevent heavy legs and tensions during flights. The positive feedback encouraged me to keep thinking about the topic and to develop the sports app idea for the airplane."

The stretching and relaxing exercises were specially adapted to the aircraft environment. Despite luggage compartments overhead or a narrow footwell, the exercises can be done easily and effectively. "You do something positive for yourself and for your body without having to be afraid of disturbing the person sitting next to you," says Sia.

Travelletics is an exercise travel companion, not only for long-distance but also for short-distance flights and business trips.

What works on the airplane of course also works when traveling by train, bus and car. Commuters can especially use their time on the train to recover from long periods of time sitting at a desk.

The "Basic Traveler" app package offers free exercises for over 30 minutes for a total body workout. All other packages can be downloaded for only a couple of Euros. The motto is: No subscription. Pay once; use it.

The "Short Fly Traveler" package offers 14 exercises ideal for short-distance flights. For long-distance flights, travelers will find the "Frequent Traveler" package with more than 30 exercises for a pleasant time on board. Business people can enjoy the "Business Traveler" package, with over 20 different exercises making use of a miniband and a theraband. Deep relaxation and stretching are found in the "Stretching" package, which offers 14 exercises.

Not a moment of boredom comes up with Travelletics, since each package consists of different exercises. All 90 exercises are available in the "All Traveler" Package for a total of 14.99 Euros without a subscription. In addition, users also have the opportunity to upload on the app their own favorite exercises. More information can be found at

About Travelletics:

Travelletics is the first stretching app for the airplane. The app founder is Schugufa Issar Amerchel, short Sia, who became well known as Munich's first Afghan fitness trainer.

The exercises at Travelletics have been especially designed for traveling on the airplane, and all can be performed while sitting. Whether short-distance, business trips or long-distance flights, the different packages offer something for everyone. Pay once, download it and use it. The exercises stimulate circulation, preventing water retention (edema) or travel thrombosis. The neck and shoulders are loosened to prevent tensions. Also, for the journey in the train, bus and car: Travelletics is a perfect sport travel companion.

Travelletics is available in German and English. It will be translated into further languages in the future.

Further Information:

Contact person: Schugufa Issar Amerchel (Sia)

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Whole-body training above the clouds: Travelletics is the first stretching app for the airplane. Photo: Travelletics

A stiff neck whilst travelling? A story of yesterday! With Travelletics travelers can arrive relaxed at their destination. Photo: Travelletics

Relaxing the hips: This exercise releases hip tensions of prolonged sitting and stretches the thigh muscle. Photo: Travelletics

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