03.12.2019 23:00

extrakLab Announces Launch of New Equipment for Hemp CBD Oil Production

OSCEOLA, Wis., Dec. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- extraktLAB®, the leading full solution CBD oil extraction equipment ( provider for hemp and cannabis, is excited to announce the launch of four automated manufacturing equipment solutions.  Among the new products is the fracTRON (solvent evaporation and fractional distillation), clearSTILL (wiped thin film evaporator), shuckNbuck (bucking machine) and the E-180 (supercritical CO2 extractor). The products will officially launch at MJBizCon Las Vegas, December 11-13. 

extraktLAB’s four new products critical to oil manufacturing, L to R: E-180, fracTRON, clearSTILL and the shuckNbuck.

The new products conform to ASME, CE, UL, and TSSA standards and in applicable cases are listed, stamped, or approved. Importantly, the equipment also conforms to data and method integrity standards that are required by GMP.  One popular advanced feature is the integrated barcode reader and printer which enables easy tracking of methods, calibration, maintenance schedules, lots, and users.  

With the most comprehensive manufacturing solution offering in the cannabis industry, extraktLAB's lineup additions provide exciting possibilities for cannabis and hemp industries:

The shuckNbuckTM: An essential hemp farming and hemp harvest tool, the bucking machine completely strips flower off the stem of a 4 lb plant in under 5 seconds, making quick work of large acreage of hemp or cannabis biomass. Operators collect ground material with an attached hopper and cyclone for easy bulk container loading. Additional features include safety bar, motor brake, e-stop, one operator labor, and easy to clean components.  

The E-180TM: A souped-up 80L version of extraktLAB's award-winning supercritical CO2 extractor, the E-140, the new extractor machine processes up to 840 lbs per day of hemp into oils producing in excess of 2-3 kg of CBD oil every hour.  The best thing about the system is that it provides a dramatically lower cost per kg oil produced compared to ethanol extraction while avoiding ethanol derived contaminants in the resulting oil and re-validation costs that are inevitable with ethanol extractions.  The system is capable of subcritical extractions and is perfect for producers who plan to scale up capacity.

The fracTRONTM: The falling film evaporator equipment has been primarily designed to remove ethanol from ethanol oil extracts.  Key advantages of the system are that it offers clog-free, continuous ethanol removal.  The system's packed bed, reduced pressure, counter current, multi-stage separation lends versatility and speed to the distillation.  Capable of heating well beyond the ethanol boiling point, the equipment is also capable of fractional distillation and automated recipe driven purification of terpenes.  Features support many extraction methods and include continuous operation, inert gas counterflow technology, UL Listed control panel with C1D2 compliancy with integrated z-purge, and a method driven tri-stage throughput of 40gal/hr.  

The clearSTILLTM: A powerful wiped film distillation apparatus, the equipment incorporates two thin film evaporation stills with ultra-low temperature condensers in a single piece of equipment.  Customers now only need only one piece of equipment versus multiple wiped film evaporators to separate volatiles and heavy oils from desirable oils. The unit will distill 4-6L per hour with maintenance free roughing pumps and a handy cold finger cleaner. Automated recipe driven operation provides continuous hands-off operation with automated mass data logging. This thin film evaporator takes molecular distillation to a new level.

"Our customer driven science and engineering has responded to solve real CBD and cannabis production bottlenecks.  I'm proud of our team at extraktLAB, who has delivered consistent innovation and high-quality output. Our customers can depend on our mindset and products to achieve their business goals and deliver speedy ROI."

Dr. Jon Thompson, CEO 

extraktLAB will have all four products on display at the upcoming MJBizCon Las Vegas Expo, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Attendees will have a "hands-on" opportunity to learn more from extraktLAB's engineering team and sales staff on product features, benefits and business value. As a foundation of customer success, the extraktLAB team is also committed to onsite installation, training and commissioning of all purchased equipment.

About extraktLAB:

extraktLAB, a brand of United Science, manufactures leading-edge, CBD hemp and cannabis processing equipment in an ISO 9001:2018 certified, 30,000 sq ft facility in St Croix Falls, WI. The company also has a fully operational 80,000 sq ft GMP certified, Certified Organic demonstration facility in Osceola, WI.  Potential customers are welcome to join one of our daily tours.  Founded in 2008 by PhD separation chemists and engineers, extraktLAB equipment is renowned for full turnkey extraction equipment having the fastest throughput, smallest footprint, lowest energy consumption and most scalable design in the industry. In fact, customers can easily scale up to process 10 tons of biomass per day. In addition to technology, extraktLAB provides engineering and consulting services to help both experienced and novice producers create manufacturing facilities that meet or exceed ISO and GLP/GMP equivalent standards.

Dr. Jon Thompson, CEO

Tyler Norenberg

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