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Federico Milanese presents the opportunities of Mediterranean kiwifruit in the Asian market at MacFrut China Forum


BOLOGNA, Italy, Oct. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- As part of the China Forum organized in MacFrut, the companies involved in the project The European Art of Taste had the opportunity to present themselves to the Asian market with a webinar that saw the participation of 111 Chinese companies and professionals and buyers in the fruit and vegetable sector.

Federico Milanese, Marketing Manager, presented Jingold, one of the most important kiwifruit companies all over the world. Jingold's strength lies precisely in varietal research and in the continuous improvement of its production processes. The extension and spread of crops in both hemispheres in fact guarantees differentiated production (green, yellow and red) and availability throughout the year.

Born in 2001 as the exclusive licensee of Jintao, Jingold today counts on the production of 800 farmers all over the world, with a total extension that, for the yellow kiwifruit (Jintao and Jryan), is 1500 ha in Europe and 500 ha in the rest of world including South America and China, for a total of 20,000 tons. The production of green kiwifruit (Hayward and Boerica) is of 50,000 tons. The red kiwifruit, winner of the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2019 for its tropical taste and a longer shelf life, has a production area of 100 ha.

Jingold has focused on China by increasing the extension up to 800 ha and launching the GoodWave brand.  "Increasing production in China," said Federico Milanese, "is one of our main objectives for three reasons: proximity to our consumers, increasing availability in Asia and reducing the climate impact by reducing distances. This is also demonstrated by the launch of GoodWave, the Shanghai-based brand dedicated to the Asian market which has shown continuous growth in terms of sales and appreciation for quality."

Jingold is one of the world's kiwifruit specialist, guaranteeing excellence in terms of taste, quality and food safety through sustainable production processes and innovative strategies that allow the well-being of producers and the good health of consumers.

The European Art of Taste project will continue to promote the masterpieces of nature and art throughout 2021, involving consumers, journalists and professionals in incoming, in-store events and fairs, in partnership with European Union and the companies Apofruit, Origine Group, Jingold, King Fruit and RK Growers.

For further information and details: www.europeanartoftaste.com; www.europeanartoftaste.ch

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