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GAC MOTOR Wins Recognition for Use in Public Transport in the U.A.E. | Road to Success


GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The GA8, GN8 and GN6 have officially been approved for use in public transport by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of the United Arab Emirates. Of the three models approved, the GA8 has been approved for use as a luxury vehicle in the realm of public transport; the GN8 and GN6 have been approved for use as taxi vehicles in the realm of transport.

This development is a monumental step for GAC MOTOR in the region, demonstrating that governing bodies of the UAE officially endorse GAC MOTOR as a brand of national-level quality and reliability.

The RTA of the UAE imposes strict guidelines on the vehicles approved for public transport, to ensure that the roads remain safe. RTA approval is granted only to companies that satisfy rigorous quality standards.

Gaining RTA approval in the UAE is a huge leap forward and a testament to the superior quality of the GA8, GN8 & GN6 as cutting-edge passenger vehicles, significantly bolstering the brand reputation behind the GAC MOTOR logo.

RTA approval for these three models also opens up a new and exciting channel for sales in the Middle East region. Whether it's the executive sedan GA8 taking stylish passengers around the city center,  or the larger GN8 and GN6 picking up VIP passengers from the airport in style, more and more GAC MOTOR vehicles will appear on the road, and be able to improve the mobile lives of UAE citizens and visitors.

This increased visibility will add greatly to GAC MOTOR's brand image, and help add to the company's reputation as a reliable and worthy new arrival on the international automotive scene.

This is the first time that GAC MOTOR has been selected to serve as a public taxi in an overseas market.

Since entering the UAE market in 2015, being approved for public transport has been one of many goals for GAC MOTOR. With the completion of this step, the future looks bright for a many more achievements in the long and healthy development of the UAE market.

This is just the beginning. GAC MOTOR looks forward to bringing more and more outstanding vehicles to overseas markets, satisfying global consumer demand with groundbreaking technology and cutting-edge Chinese vehicle craftsmanship.

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