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19.10.2021 16:00

GE Digital and FLAPZ Sign Memo of Understanding to Collaborate on Safety Solutions for Business Jets in Latin America


GE Digital today announced that it had signed a Memo of Understanding with FLAPZ, a new aviation marketplace based in Colombia, to work toward a mutual goal: increase safety in Business & General Aviation in Colombia and other parts of Latin America. The companies plan to work together to provide GE Digital’s Safety Insight for Business Jets, a C-FOQA software and services solution, to FLAPZ’s consortium that will make it easy for business jet operators to improve safety by implementing safety procedures at the highest level of international standards.

FLAPZ is Latin America’s fastest-growing private aviation marketplace connecting passengers with dozens of regional certified operators. Thanks to a disruptive technology that enables near-live bookings, subscribers can search, compare, and book flights on more than 250 aircraft (from helicopters to business jets), as well as empty legs and shared seats, thus enabling access to a quickly growing-base of passengers to experience private flying.

"Our goal is to digitalize the market and help our customers and partners to reduce costs, save time, and commercialize their assets efficiently and flexibly," said Ionatan Galeano, Co-Founder and CEO of FLAPZ. "We have created a disruptive mobility ecosystem with dozens of local and regional partners, and now we want to help those partners -and the local authorities- increase safety standards while providing a premium experience for flyers.”

Safety Insight for Business Jets helps business jet operators fly more safely by identifying safety events and trends, as well as fuel efficiency analysis. GE Digital’s experts examine data and track safety metrics to reveal potential areas of risk and benchmark each operator against the industry average. Operators receive all data in a simplified, modern web application. Fuel efficiencies allow operators to evolve to a more sustainable business model that increases flight hours.

"FLAPZ is providing an innovative and exciting digital platform for Latin American travelers,” said Andrew Coleman, General Manager for GE Digital’s Aviation Software business. "We are proud to partner with FLAPZ to apply proven aviation practices, like those in C-FOQA, to emerging technologies, and provide an optimal experience for its customers. As the aviation industry returns to safe flight after the COVID-19 pandemic, we are incredibly focused on becoming even safer and more sustainable to meet the demands of the future.”

Safety Insight for Business Jets provides clean, reliable data about safety events that flight crews need to know about with fewer false positives and high confidence in the results. The solution benchmarks safety factors across all operators in web-based dashboards allowing for comparisons, approach stability, hard landings, severe turbulence, and runway safety.

More information on GE Digital’s Aviation Software solutions can be found here.


FLAPZ is revolutionizing the access and digital transformation of Latin America's private aviation ecosystem. With a disruptive technology-led business model, its Marketplace connects, in almost real-time, passengers with dozens of certified regional operators for a safe and seamless booking & flying experience. With more than 250 certified aircraft available on its Marketplace across LATAM, the fast-growing startup with offices in Colombia, Chile, and Israel, has the commitment to improving access and the overall end-to-end experience of the private air industry in the continent, while actively setting best practices alongside authority, operators, and passengers. For more, please visit:

About GE Digital

GE Digital transforms how our customers solve their toughest challenges by putting industrial data to work. Our mission is to bring simplicity, speed, and scale to digital transformation activities, with industrial software that delivers breakthrough business outcomes. GE Digital’s product portfolio – including grid optimization and analytics, asset and operations performance management, and manufacturing operations and automation – helps industrial companies in the utility, power generation, oil & gas, aviation, and manufacturing sectors change the way industry works. For more information, visit

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