Independent News Platform "The Inclusive Voices Project" Launches in Response to DEI Rollbacks

12.04.24 22:00 Uhr

LOS ANGELES, April 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In the face of dismantling Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs across various sectors, one independent journalist is taking a stand, saying freedom of speech is crucial in ensuring representation. Through her initiative, she aims to uplift inclusive voices and amplify diverse stories, shedding light on issues often overlooked by mainstream media.

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Silva Harapetian, the founder of The Inclusive Voices Project, draws from her own lived experiences during her 25 year career in a male-dominated industry with minimal representation of people of color. "I was often the only one in the room and the lone advocate for media coverage on issues affecting people with backgrounds similar to mine," she shares.

The disparities in media coverage became starkly evident during the pandemic, the George Floyd protests, and the Capitol Riots. Witnessing her community grappling with issues, she says, "I saw a pressing need for authentic representation and decided to leverage my experiences to make a difference."

She launched a digital show that addressed myths surrounding healthcare and mental health within the context of culture, survivors of war, and revolution. It delved into the complexities of race, equity, immigration, and politics from the perspective of historically persecuted communities.

"Many were reliving what they had escaped--left behind--triggering trauma within the communities. Nobody was talking about how such communities were coping," she says.

Recognizing the urgency, she expanded and launched the fiscally sponsored non-profit digital news platform that curates programming focused on issues often ignored impacting underrepresented communities. Harapetian's journey, marked by systemic barriers, discriminatory hiring practices, and wage theft made her a loud advocate for equity and inclusion within the media industry.

"I broke a lot of glass ceilings in my career as the first Iranian-Armenian-American Television Journalist." She says. "But, when someone who looks like us speaks out, we are often discredited, dehumanized, and discarded. Still, we must speak up." Her efforts were the catalyst for systemic changes in hiring and pay practices, and a shift in storytelling priorities in newsrooms nationwide.

"Existing diversity initiatives fall short of true inclusivity. We need more than token representation and superficial coverage," she asserts. Her digital news programming airing on YouTube and social media platforms seeks to address this gap.

"Diversity encompasses more than just superficial differences," Harapetian notes. "It's about standing up for ourselves and each other and society at large." She warns against the detrimental impact of anti-DEI efforts, highlighting the importance of safeguarding the right to speak up and championing the voices of the marginalized and underserved.

"Support us, subscribe, and donate to help uphold the fundamental right for everyone to feel seen and heard."

About Silva Harapetian
Born in Iran, Silva Harapetian fled the Iranian revolution and a war arriving in LA at 16. She's an award winning journalist and a Amazon best-selling author who has covered stories for NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX affiliates. She has won an award for the Documentary; 44-day war in Armenia.

Contact: Silva Harapetian

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