Interim consolidated financial statement of Grigeo AB covering 3 months of 2024

23.05.24 15:28 Uhr

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Over 3 months of 2024, Grigeo AB (the official name is currently being changed to AB "Grigeo Group”) company group (hereinafter – the Group), consisting of Grigeo AB, Grigeo Packaging UAB, Grigeo Baltwood UAB, Grigeo Klaipeda AB, Mena Pak AT, Grigeo Recycling UAB, Grigeo Recycling SIA, Grigeo Paper Packaging UAB, Grigeo Tissue UAB, Grigeo Hygiene UAB, Niedomickie Zaklady Papiernicze sp. z o.o and Energia Cieplna Niedomice sp. z o.o achieved the consolidated sales turnover of EUR 48.7 million. It is by EUR 5.4 million less than over respective period of 2023.

Over the reporting period, the Group earned EUR 5.2 million profit before taxes, which is by EUR 4.4 million less than in the same period in 2023.

Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) of the Group, if compared with 3 months of 2023, decreased by EUR 4.6 million and reached EUR 7.4 million.

The following table summarizes 3-month performance numbers stated in this announcement:

Indicator, EUR million20242023Change
Profit before tax (EBT)5.29.7(46%)

*Calculations are disclosed in Note 18 of attached statements.

More details on these changes are presented in interim management report and unaudited consolidated financial statements of Grigeo AB covering 3 months of 2024 (see attachments).

Tomas Jozonis

Chief Financial Officer

+370 5 243 58 01


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