Introducing Soalma: Redefining Legacy Planning for Peace of Mind

13.06.24 16:30 Uhr

NEW YORK, June 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Soalma, a new platform dedicated to legacy planning, announced its official launch with a focus on emotional legacies. By emphasizing emotional legacies, Soalma empowers individuals to take proactive steps for the benefit of their loved ones, offering a unique entry point into end-of-life planning.

At Soalma, we believe legacy planning is a gift of love. It's about peace of mind and leaving a lasting connection.

"At Soalma, we believe legacy planning is a gift of love," remarked Ignacio Moreno, co-founder & CEO of Soalma. "It's about peace of mind and leaving behind a lasting connection that transcends generations." 

Soalma was borne from two different experiences of loss which created two distinct gaps. One emotional and one practical. These unique experiences allow Soalma to uniquely address the multifaceted aspects of legacy planning.

Soalma enables users to create content for loved ones, including advice, family history, memories, instructions, and more, in the form of video, audio, photo, or document, to be shared during life or after passing.

One of the key challenges in legacy planning is getting started. Recognizing this hurdle, Soalma aims to make the process as seamless and accessible as possible. With easy-to-use templates and prompts, Soalma assists users in capturing their most important stories and messages, making the process less overwhelming.

Soalma is not just about planning for the future; it's about celebrating the present and honoring the past, making every legacy truly timeless. While initially launching with this focus, Soalma is committed to continual improvement, with plans to introduce additional features for a more comprehensive planning experience.

After an initial direct to the consumer launch, Soalma is already in conversation with businesses and organizations to pursue a B2B approach and partnerships to help scale the business. These collaborations will expand reach and integrate their innovative approach into existing services, ensuring more people benefit from Soalma's legacy planning solutions.

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About Soalma

Soalma is a tech-forward, emotion-first solution to legacy planning. Their platform empowers individuals to create personalized content for their loved ones, fostering connections that last beyond a lifetime. With a commitment to innovation, user-friendly design and security, Soalma is redefining the way people approach end-of-life planning.

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