Is It Too Late to Buy GE Aerospace Stock?

22.06.24 10:50 Uhr

GE Aerospace (NYSE: GE) was once a part of the sprawling General Electric conglomerate, the industrial titan that built everything from light bulbs to jet engines and was, for a time, the most valuable company on the planet. However, the conglomerate struggled mightily to maintain its growth. Beginning in 2017, its stock began a downhill slide, plummeting as much as 80% over a three-year period as it grappled with a sprawling business, mounting debt, falling cash flow, and significant management turnover.Since then, General Electric has undergone a dramatic transformation. In November 2021, it announced it would spin off its businesses into three separate publicly traded companies. GE Healthcare Technologies (NASDAQ: GEHC) spun off in early 2023. In April of this year, it spun off GE Verona (NYSE: GEV), leaving GE Aerospace with control of the fabled GE ticker.GE Aerospace looks to blaze a trail as an independent company focused on building and maintaining the engines that power many of today's airplanes. The stock has increased significantly over the past year, which may have you wondering if it's too late to scoop up shares of the newly formed aviation company. Here are some things you'll want to consider first.Continue readingWeiter zum vollständigen Artikel bei MotleyFool

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