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26.07.2021 08:00

Largest RPG Space Game Built on top of the Binance Smart Chain


LONDON, July 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Moon Nation Game is, to date, the largest space-based role-playing game being built on Binance Smart Chain with Moon Nation Game (MNG) as its native token. Moon Nation is a multiplayer, role-based game where MNG token holders will be issued passports against their holdings, and then they can start their journey of the unexplored space along with top-of-the-line graphics. These tokens will be used for various features in the Moon Nation Game. It is a firm utility token with reflection rewards, liquidity tax, burn, and marketing & promotion wallet tax.

Ben Todar, a successful entrepreneur and an expert stock trader, leads Moon Nation as their CEO. Along with his extensive understanding of the crypto space, Ben also holds a degree in International Marketing from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He has successfully led multiple ventures under his wings, making him a great leader to lead the Moon Nation Project.

This state of the art, next-generation, blockchain-supported space game also comes with its native platform token, which is also built on the Binance Smart chain. This game helps players explore multiple planets, join different communities, and choose whether to become friends or foes of many alien species. Players can also trade MNG tokens for in-game currency and vice versa, much like dealing cash for chips at the casino. In other words, this game allows you to earn by just being a good gamer. Gamers need to achieve higher ranks to unlock new skills, special powers, and currency rewards. They will be provided with many unique resources, weapons, avatars, and NFTs to play with. Users and gamers will be able to acquire different skill sets.

This game is the gateway to joining the space adventure with the help of the Moon Nation Token. MNG is a utility token with reflections and burns on every transaction. These tokens have been built by a team with immense knowledge, passion, and experience in cryptocurrency, marketing, gaming, technology, and cybersecurity. This will be an ideal investment vehicle that will grow for decades after decades and not days while gaining a new utility over time through continuous development. These tokens are reported to be released via an unprecedented coin launch that will be backed by a massive community effort and an international promotions team.

The transaction fees for MNG will be playing a pivotal role in its success and longevity over the decades. The fees collected will create price stability, steady deflation, and rewards for token holders. The total supply of the tokens will be a hooping amount of 384 million. Its number is the distance from the Earth to the moon. A total of 10% of the transaction fees will be sent to the liquidity pool to maintain stability and functionality. These fees will be applicable whenever tokens are bought, sold, or transferred among gamers and holders.

It is also said that another 3% of the tokens will be redistributed back to all token holders. Again another 3% will be burnt down and sent to a burn address to cause deflation. A 2% of it will be spent behind marketing & development, and finally, 2% of the tokens will be reinvested into growing and improving the project. The developers also planned to put our promotional efforts, coin launch, and game development to maximise sustainable long-term growth. The team said that it would be taking time to create a high-quality product, but they will never be cutting corners.

The team has developed a unique solution for bridging the gap between crypto and games, also referred to as "Moon Nation Bridge" Just like its base token, players can link these to their BSC wallet through which they will be able to view their MNG balance. Through this platform, users will be able to exchange their holdings against the base currency of MNB. These points can then be used to purchase anything available on the platform. It will also enable them to exchange points for in-game currency. The unique characteristic of this platform is its interoperability. It supports 2 types of currencies; MNG and points. Points are an off-blockchain currency making it easy to integrate on-to any game, regardless of whether the game is blockchain-supported or not.

Similarly, Non-Fungible Tokens are now a popular trend in the crypto community. In the simplest terms, NFTs transform digital works of art and other collectables into one-of-a-kind, verifiable assets that are easy to trade on the blockchain. This has the potential to completely transform and create tremendous new opportunities in the gaming and art industry. In Q1 2021, more than $2 billion was spent on NFTs, representing an increase of 25 times the trading volume of Q4 2020. Various celebrities and businesses are discussing launching their NFTs like Cinedigm Corp., which has a $200M+ market cap on NASDAQ, recently announced the launch of a new film label dedicated to releasing limited edition NFT's.

Moon Nation developers will be starting their onboarding in collaboration with professional gamers, social media influencers, game developers and many gaming communities in the hope to expand a sneak peek at Game storyboards, early Prototyping milestone Scheduling and continued marketing and strategy planning. The game design will be based on mechanics, modelling, audio-visual effects, physics, and the rendering beta version of the web.

Name: Moon Nation
Website: https://www.moonnation.org/
Email: support@moonnation.org
Follow Ben Todar on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bentodar
Follow Moon Nation on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MoonNation0
Join Moon Nation on Telegram: http://t.me/moonnation

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SOURCE Moon Nation

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