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Leading Calorie-Tracking App Lose It! Crowns Seattle, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Cleveland Top Three U.S. Cities for Weight Loss in 2021


BOSTON, Dec. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Data from Lose It!, a top 10 health and fitness app with more than two million monthly users, shows Americans got serious about weight loss in 2021. After analyzing weight loss data from more than 1.5 million users across the country, Lose It! has identified Seattle, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Cleveland as the top three U.S. cities with the highest weight loss per user in 2021. Lose It! users in those three cities collectively lost more than 370,000 pounds this year.  Boston and Denver rounded out the top five biggest losing cities per user, losing a total of 171,500 and 102,988 pounds, respectively.

Lose It!

"2021 was a year like no other when it came to weight loss patterns and behaviors, but this year, it's clear that our users were committed to achieving a healthy weight," said Patrick Wetherille, Lose It! CEO.  "In fact, we saw an 11% increase in the number of average days logged from 2020 to 2021, and we anticipate a similar increase from 2021 to 2022."

Other findings from Lose It's 2021 weight loss data include:

  • Seattle has taken the top spot in most pounds lost per user every year since 2017.  In 2021, Seattle also had the highest percentage of Lose It! users who lost 10 pounds or more.
  • New York City and Los Angeles had the most number of Lose It! users who lost 50 pounds or more in 2021, with 1,117 users in New York City and 838 users in Los Angeles achieving the milestone. New York City and Los Angeles also had the most number of users who lost 100 pounds or more, with 173 users in New York City and 150 people in Los Angeles hitting the 100-lb. lost mark.
  • New York City takes the prize for the highest number of total pounds lost in 2021, with New York Lose It! users collectively shedding more than 442,140 pounds.
  • Los Angeles takes the second spot with 331,350 total pounds lost, with Chicago rounding out the top three with 247,364 total pounds lost.
  • The Midwest takes the prize for the greatest number of cities with the most volume of Lose It! users in January, with Cleveland, Detroit, Minneapolis, and Chicago taking four of the top five spots in both 2020 and 2021.

Resolutions Can Work
Residents' behaviors in these cities also disprove the theory that New Year's Resolutions don't work. Three out of the five cities – Seattle, Boston, and Denver - whose users were best at logging their food in the Lose It! app in January were also in the top five biggest losing cities per user throughout the year, demonstrating that those users who started strong in January tended to continue strong throughout the year.

Furthermore, four out of the five top cities – New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas-Ft. Worth - that had the highest number of Lose It! app sign-ups in January 2021 were also in the top five cities for most total weight loss for the entire year, again demonstrating that those who started their weight loss journey at the beginning of the New Year were more likely to remain committed through the entire year.

Our 2021 data analysis goes to show that "contrary to popular opinion, many people continue to remain committed to their New Year's goals beyond January," says Registered Dietitian and Lose It! Consultant Kim Rose. "Calorie tracking is a dynamic and effective tool for weight loss. An app like Lose It! can be a big asset to keep you accountable and informed to stick to your weight-loss resolutions over the course of the year."

For those looking to add weight loss to their list of 2022 resolutions, Lose It! has recently added several new features to motivate and assist users on their weight loss journey, including:

  • Expanded calorie budget options for greater flexibility on how calories are allocated throughout the week:
    • The Flexible budget redistributes a user's weekly calories to account for higher and lower calorie days of your choice. Many users opt for higher calorie days on the weekend, but this budget allows users to customize their week.
    • A Fixed budget that does not change regardless of current weight fluctuations. This setting is only recommended if a medical or nutrition professional has provided a daily calorie budget. 
  • The ability to add progress photos and incorporate social reactions to help keep users committed and motivated.

About Lose It!
Lose It! is mobilizing the world to achieve a healthy weight. By providing the most comprehensive, personal, app-based weight loss program, Lose It! has helped more than 40 million members shed over 100 million pounds. Available on iOS and Android devices, Lose It! empowers members to live healthier lives and achieve their weight loss goals through motivation and challenges, coaching, overall health management, and the insights that come from tracking and monitoring daily calories, exercise, and nutrition. To learn more about Lose It!, visit www.loseit.com or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Lose It! analyzed data from 7 million Lose It! users from the top 20 U.S. cities, based on population, entered into the app between January 1, 2017, through November 11, 2021.

Contact: Cara McAteer, cmcateer@360pr.plus, 203-733-3057

2021's Lose It! All-Stars

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