Marta Thoma Hall and David Hall Launch a New Foundation with Rising Tides, an Art Exhibition

13.06.24 03:28 Uhr

On View at the Floating Museum, in the Alameda River

ALAMEDA, Calif., June 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- On June 8th, 2024, "Rising Tides," the new Hall Art and Technology Foundation is exhibiting its art collection, celebrated with festivities on June 8th at the Floating Museum in Alameda, CA. The viewing experience is uniquely situated on a river barge. The exhibition features contemporary paintings, sculpture, and installations from the HAT Foundation (Hall Art and Technology Foundation) on the theme of cycles of the changing times. 

On the Line, painting by Ana Theresa Fernandez, 2023, at the Floating Art Museum in Alameda, California

On a floating barge, otherwise known as the Floating Museum, is the perfect place to view the river and contemplate artwork. The exhibition's title references the tides of Alameda and the Pacific Ocean as it is always in flux. The movement and view of water inspired the title, "Rising Tides," and consider other cycles of change in the environment and social sphere. The expectation of a rising tide is a hopeful notion, promising that no matter how bleak things look in the moment, if one just holds on long enough, eventually things will turn around. Does the tide truly float all boats?

How are we adjusting to difficult times with climate change and social/political polarization? The paintings and sculpture in the exhibition are visions from thirty artists who share unique views and insights into the times. Themes are organized and described on the museum walls as "Rising Tides," an overview, "Threads," and "Seaworthiness."

There are many literal and symbolic "threads" in the exhibition. Notable artists Peter Foley, artist of "Bandana," produced an expressive flag-like painting on raw canvas, as if representing an unknown or new country. Jeremy Dean created an American flag unraveled and restitched with rainbow colors representing the LGBTQ population. New threads woven with the original threads create something altogether new. Julia Couzens challenges the notion of traditional materials as the work "Off the Grid," includes a canvas wrapped with yarn, rope, and tule.

Represented in the exhibition are Bay Area legendary artists Mildred Howard and M. Louise Stanley. Mildred Howard is represented by the stunning, "Memory Garden House," made of 450 bottles forming a unique, miniature house. M. Louise Stanley created the large painting, "Melancholia," after an etching by the artist Durer. It is a perfect reflection on the times (including the Covid pandemic,) including a dancing artist, (she paints herself into her work) trying to cheer up a rather weary and despondent angel.

Artists featured: Chie Aoki, Whitney Bradshaw, Rolando Castellon, Enrique Chagoya, Carl Cheng, Julia Couzens, Dewey Crumpler, Jeremy Dean, Kathryn Dunlevie, Ana Teresa Fernandez, Pete Foley, Marta Thoma Hall, Jud Hart, Valerie Hegarty, Archana Horsting, Mildred Howard, Kazuo Kadonaga, Carol Law, Carrie Lederer, Linda MacDonald, Kara Maria, Tony May, Blessing Ngobeni, Pat Perry, Maria Porges, Michele Pred, Lucy Puls, Gregory Rick, M. Louise Stanley, Masami Teraoka, Watchery, Archana Horsting, Carol Benioff, Kim Thoman

Artists represented in the exhibition hail from Japan, South Africa, Costa Rica, Mexico, New York, Chicago, Hawaii, as well as from cities in California. 

About David Hall and Marta Thoma Hall

The Hall Art and Technology Foundation is a multi-layered project of Marta Thoma and David Hall, thought leaders from the Bay Area. David Hall is currently founding a new technology company, Shoot the Moon, while Marta Thoma Hall is managing the HAT foundation and making art.

David Hall is inventor and entrepreneur, founding Velodyne Acoustics LLC in 1983, Velodyne Lidar Inc. in 2020, along with Marta Hall, as President. David Hall received the Smithsonian Inventor of the Year Award in 2018, among many national awards.  Marta Thoma Hall founded the World Safety Summit for Autonomous Cars in 2017.

The Hall Foundation follows the Hall's interest in pursuing visionary, futuristic advancements in technology and art. The foundation will promote future exhibitions, events, and public education.

Please contact for tour reservations. The hours of visitation are Fridays and Saturdays 11:00 – 3:00 pm and by appointment. Contact the foundation ahead via

Memory Garden 1 by Mildred Howard at the Floating Art Museum, Alameda CA

Art on the theme of flags by Peter Foley and Jeremy Dean at the Floating Museum in Alameda, CA

In the Forest, collage and oil by Marta Thoma Hall at Gallery 2, Floating Art Museum in Alameda, CA

Art with rope, yarn, tule, and stitchery by Julia Couzens on the left and Watchery with yarn and oil on art print, on the right at the Floating Art Museum, Alameda, CA

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