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LONDON, Aug. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- A SURVEY of 4,000 UK adults by Yonder, released today (Wednesday), reveals that more than 1 in 4 of those in work are permitted to operate abroad for weeks at a time. 

The poll, commissioned by property investment firm Castleforge, analysed changing perceptions of work and holidays in the post-pandemic world.  

Asked if their employer is now more likely to accept them working away from home for at least a few weeks a year, 27% agreed, with the figure rising to 36% among 18-34s.

The growth of 'bleisure', where business travel and leisure crossover, means one in four workers (25%) also say they are now more likely to work remotely for a few days before or after a holiday to extend their time in a travel destination.

In return, employees have become more flexible about their work, with 27% now more likely to check their emails while on holiday than before the pandemic and almost a fifth (17%) more likely to participate in work calls while away.

Younger people are least likely to switch off, with 36% of 18-34 year olds now more likely to check work emails during periods of leave than pre-Covid.  Among that younger age group, 25% are also more likely to take part in work calls while on holiday.

The trend has increased demand for serviced apartments and hotels with 39% of those who work while away on holiday saying they would be more likely to choose such accommodation over Airbnb-style properties for working while away.  The figure rises to 47% among 18-34s who work away from home. 

Of those who travel for longer than a week, 39% of adults and nearly half (47%) of the under 35s say they are now more likely to look for a larger room with a desk space instead of luxury hotel facilities such as a swimming pool.

Michael Kovacs, Founding Partner of Castleforge, said:

"The lines between work and travel, and between work travel and holidaying, are more blurred post-pandemic than ever before. 

"Younger people especially are taking advantage of remote working and their needs are changing.  As they grow older and have greater incomes, we can anticipate a greater demand still for holiday spaces where people can make a longer trip but still keep in touch with work while away."

Jamie Lamb, CEO and Founding Director of Axiom Hospitality, said:

"This research reflects the increasing demand for hospitality accommodation that functions both as a place to work and a place to relax, as more people look to extend business stays and work while on holiday. Though it's important people really 'switch off' while on leave, access to high-end working facilities in their holiday accommodation gives people the freedom to be away far longer than was previously possible, to work from anywhere."

The survey also found that travellers are also more concerned with the carbon footprint of travel with a 46% of respondents willing to minimise the number of flights they take each year to reduce their carbon footprint.

Among those who take business trips, 51% are also more likely to take their partners away with them in order to take the opportunity of travelling together.

Since its inception in 2010, Castleforge has invested approximately £1 billion, gaining a reputation for research-backed value-add investment in real estate across the UK and Europe. The firm has a portfolio of hotels across the UK, including in Bath and Edinburgh, and it continues to seek hotel investments as business travel and the tourism industry bounces back.

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