15.08.2022 21:00

Motic breaks the paradigm of high-volume scanning with NEW Infinity scanner


SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Motic Digital Pathology is thrilled to announce the release of its newest addition to the MoticEasyScan product line, the NEW Infinity—a high-throughput slide scanner with the ability to swiftly and efficiently scan 1,000+ glass slides per week. The MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity will be available worldwide this summer.

The revolutionary MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity. Scan 1,000+ slides per week. Skip the pre-scan setup.

The NEW Infinity introduces a comprehensive redesign of high-volume slide handling, using intelligent automated quality control to eliminate the need for pre-scan setup! Along with faster loading and scanning capabilities, this most recent addition to the MoticEasyScan product line uses a groundbreaking, industry-first Smart Tray technology. The Smart Tray technology cuts down on technician work time and error rates by providing real-time tracking and identification of every slide scanned through the system. Combined with the new automatic image QC algorithm, scanning projects can be completed quickly, efficiently, and virtually click-free.

Adopting cutting-edge technology without having to bust your lab's budget had too often been an unattainable pipe dream for most pathologists until now, but Motic is finally breaking this paradigm by offering an affordable, tangible solution in the NEW Infinity scanner.

"We've long observed that high-volume slide scanners all have robotics that move glass slides back and forth from some sort of large, sophisticated onboard glass slide cabinet," notes Dan Walker, Product Manager at Motic Digital Pathology. "With the NEW Infinity, we've reimagined that workflow without the need for these expensive and hard-to-maintain components."

The solution is an instrument that is less than half of the size and cost than those of leading competitors, while still yielding high-quality slides at a comparable 1,000+ slides per week.

In contrast to traditional big-box scanners, which are designed to optimize hands-off time, the NEW Infinity is engineered to minimize hands-on time spent in the lab by researchers and technicians. Organizational efficiency, Motic believes, is the chief driver of throughput. The throughput of any lab can be compounded and supported by efficient slide organization, especially for high-volume labs managing multiple projects at once. A compact and powerful whole slide scanner designed to enhance organizational efficiency, the NEW Infinity reduces needless motion and optimizes the hands-on experience when scanning 1,000+ high-quality digital slides in a typical 40-hour work week.

For more information on MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity, visit the Motic website or contact mdpsales@moticusa.com

About Motic Digital Pathology

Motic Digital Pathology addresses the growing global pathology care gap by making digital medicine approachable for hospitals, laboratories, and doctors everywhere. We promote the adoption of telepathology through our innovative, cost-effective solutions developed directly in conjunction with partner pathologists. As the medical division of Motic, a leader in the field of optics since 1988, we are part of a global company innovating for a better tomorrow. Our whole slide scanning and image management systems have now been deployed for millions of cases worldwide, and our philanthropic initiatives leverage digital pathology technologies to solve today's most pressing and under-resourced health problems.

Motic Digital Pathology

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