Narrative I/O introduces Narrative Anywhere, Powered by Snowflake, to enhance data collaboration on the Snowflake AI Data Cloud

13.06.24 14:45 Uhr

Customers can now benefit from the power of Narrative's AI-powered technology directly in their Snowflake environments

NEW YORK, June 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Narrative I/O today announced the launch of Narrative Anywhere, Powered by Snowflake, that operates seamlessly where clients' data resides.

Experience the power of Narrative Anywhere, now natively integrated with Snowflake for seamless and secure data collaboration.

Narrative announces the launch of Narrative Anywhere, Powered by Snowflake, that operates where clients' data resides.

Narrative's AI-powered 'Rosetta Stone' technology and NQL (Narrative Query Language), makes data assembly efficient. Rosetta Stone automatically translates disparate data schemas at runtime across n-parties, turning what has been a cumbersome, manual process into an AI-guided experience. Rosetta Stone turns many tables into one massive virtual table without the need to move or join any data, providing customized solutions while maintaining the utmost privacy and security protocols.

Narrative's Data Studio is a no-code query engine with a built-in AI chatbot called Rosetta AI, which makes it easy to construct complex queries, iterate on them at scale, and automates ingestion and secure matching/joining to customer data. Data Studio works seamlessly with Narrative's Connector Framework, which provides the capability to deliver data to activation endpoints such as The Trade Desk, operates as a clearing house, and has AI-guided taxonomy creation and management tools. Together, offer scaled and custom audience, identity and enrichment tools, which reduce costs and required movement of data.

"Narrative's vision has always been about enabling smarter data usage while respecting privacy and compliance. With 'Narrative Anywhere,' customers can now benefit from our powerful tools directly within their own Snowflake, driving efficiencies in data assembly," said Tim Mahlman, CEO of Narrative I/O.

"The Narrative Anywhere native app is differentiated, disruptive technology that positively impacts the way that data is assembled and monetized on Snowflake, as well as monetized across the industry's leading ad tech platforms," said David Wells, Industry Principal, Media, Entertainment, and Advertising at Snowflake. "We are excited about Narrative Anywhere and the opportunity that the technology unlocks with legacy and new providers as well as users of that data including advertisers and agencies."

This partnership signifies a new era for data collaboration, offering industries comprehensive, secure, and effective tools for leveraging their data to its fullest potential.

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