10.08.2022 09:00

New study highlights superior efficacy of at-home dry EEG assessment compared to lab-based monitoring

  • Study published in Frontiers in Digital Health tested Cumulus Neuroscience's at-home EEG technology and gamified cognitive tasks in unsupervised older and younger adults
  • Results indicate that easy-to-use task-driven EEG can yield clinical-grade data in large-scale, real-world investigations in neuroscience with extremely high adherence rates

BELFAST, Northern Ireland, Aug. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Cumulus Neuroscience (Cumulus; The Company), a global digital health company, announces positive results from a new study evaluating the validity of using its dry-electroencephalogram (EEG) headset and gamified cognitive tasks for unsupervised home-based measurement of cognition, with at-home EEG monitoring showing superior precision compared to lab-based assessments.

Cumulus' integrated digital and physiological biomarker platform provides wireless "dry" EEG recording systems and easy-to-use engaging tasks that can be operated repeatedly by users at home. This provides a dramatically lower trial burden for patients and greater opportunity for the collection of real-world, longitudinal data compared to traditional lab-based, "wet" EEG. The platform enables larger scale distributed clinical trials in CNS, which measure the progression of brain disorders more accurately and therefore accelerate the approval of impactful therapies.

For the study, published in Frontiers in Digital Health, data was gathered at home over the course of several weeks by two separate cohorts of participants – 50 older adults (mean age 68 years) and 30 younger adults (mean age 26 years) – using a wireless dry EEG system interfaced with a tablet for task presentation. The tasks were gamified and designed to be suitable for ordinary users. Usability of the EEG system was evaluated via participant adherence and qualitative feedback using the System Usability Scale.

The study found that home-based gamified dry EEG in aggregate has superior precision to single in-lab based sessions, and that only 2 to 4 dry EEG sessions are required to match the quality of wet EEG recordings. Adherence was also high, with older adults successfully completing 93% of sessions requested and reporting a mean usability score of 84. Younger adults successfully completed 96% of sessions and reported a mean usability score of 88.

The results indicate that easy-to-use task-driven EEG could have transformative potential for enabling large-scale, real-world investigations in clinical research.

"This latest study adds to the growing body of evidence supporting the use of at-home, dry EEG measurements as an effective and less burdensome alternative to lab-based tests, including a companion study published in Frontiers in Psychiatry last year," said Florentine M. Barbey of the School of Psychology, Trinity College Dublin, co-author of the paper and Research Scientist at Cumulus Neuroscience. "We are also encouraged to see such high adherence and engagement compared to other methods of measuring cognitive decline. Facilitating frequent, at-home assessment in CNS research will help address current difficulties in collecting longitudinal data that better demonstrates subtle changes in cognition over time, allowing for a better understanding of how brain disorders progress and how interventions may affect them."

The study was conducted in collaboration with the Whelan Lab at Trinity College Dublin's Institute for Neuroscience, and also used data from a joint study with the Universities of Magdeburg and Tuebingen.

The full paper, Neuroscience from the comfort of your home: Repeated, self-administered wireless dry EEG measures brain function with high fidelity, can be accessed here.

About Cumulus Neuroscience

Cumulus Neuroscience is advancing next generation integrated physiological and digital biomarker platform designed to provide the critical clinical trial data and insights needed to bring more and much improved central nervous system (CNS) therapies to patients.

Our innovative platform has been designed to greatly improve the robustness of neuroscience clinical trials by allowing better and timely assessment of drug candidates earlier in development, with the aim in time to provide an industry-wide standard for real-world measurement of disease progression and treatment response.

Our platform has been developed to capture large amounts of real-world lab-quality data through time across multiple behavioural and physiological domains by tracking physiology, functions and symptoms in the patient's home. The platform also provides cutting-edge AI-based data analysis allowing it to provide the best and most cost-effective assessment of CNS treatment outcomes.

Cumulus Neuroscience is confident that it can play an important role in assisting its pharma and biotech partners to develop transformational therapies to address multiple important neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric diseases, where treatment options are extremely limited.

The Company is supported by highly experienced specialised investor DDF/SV Health Investors as well as LifeArc and Future Fund together with a world-class Scientific and Technical Advisory Board.

Cumulus Neuroscience
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