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News Bling Pops Political Bubbles for Millennials and Gen Z


PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- No one wants to be told what to think. Especially Millennials and Gen Z who want exposure to non-partisan news from outside their echo chamber. This is why News Bling is tackling the murky waters of "media bias" and "fake news" with a free daily newsletter targeting this audience. In a world where the political extremes can't even agree on a shared set of facts, News Bling's mission is to help readers escape their political bubble. It exposes them to both liberal AND conservative media coverage in politics, tech, business, entertainment and any topic driven by multiple narratives.

News Bling gives concise summaries of the top stories of the day from all sides of the conversation. Headlines from CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Breitbart and other influential outlets are aggregated allowing the reader to understand what various media outlets are saying about each topic. The newsletter's quick and easy-to-read format features humorous memes and emojis, making serious news topics more relatable for younger audiences.

According to News Bling founder and editor-in-chief Nupur Patel, "Digital-first generations have grown up consuming news through Twitter and Facebook which resulted in strong political echo chambers. We connect with people on social media who think like us. This results in sharing and consuming content that reinforces the existing views of those in our network."  Patel, former Nickelodeon Director of Strategy & Business Development, adds, "It doesn't help when algorithms learn what you like and keep feeding you content that reinforces your views."

A recent Gallup survey shows that 7 in 10 U.S. adults have less trust in the news media today than a decade ago. The survey also noted that of those who expressed a distrust in news media, 75% stated it was due to bias-related reasons. In a climate where increased political partisanship has fueled - and is compounded by - a sense that the news media cannot be trusted, News Bling gives readers the full picture.

Patel says, "News Bling provides readers with opposing perspectives. We empower them to make their own decision on a topic rather than being told what to think by the media they consume."

About News Bling
Portland, Oregon based News Bling is a digital news media startup founded in 2018. News Bling is helping readers escape their political bubble via its daily newsletter which has a ~40% open rate. Founder, Nupur Patel, received his MBA from Harvard, and has extensive experience in the digital media space through his experiences at Netflix and Nickelodeon. For more information, visit or contact the public relations department. A recent example of News Bling's daily newsletter can be found here. You can also follow News Bling on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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