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Palantir Veteran Joins EvolutionIQ's Client Strategy Team


The leader in Insurance Claims Guidance appoints Kipp Teamey as Head of Client Strategy

NEW YORK, Aug. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- EvolutionIQ, the most rapidly adopted Claims Guidance platform for insurance carriers, today announced a new appointment to its leadership team, naming Kipp Teamey as Head of Client Strategy. The primary focus of Kipp's team is to forge a partnership with each client to ensure the platform's insights and action recommendations deliver maximum impact immediately at launch and ongoing as a client's claims blocks evolve.

Meet EvolutionIQ's new Head of Client Strategy

"The ROI is immediate and measurable and can be seen every day."

Kipp joined EvolutionIQ after nine years as a deployment strategist at software standout Palantir Technologies, a platform for integrating, managing, and securing data as part of complex data analytics. Prior to that he was active duty in the U.S. Navy and is currently serving as a Captain in the Navy Reserve.

"Our job is to continually 'future-proof' clients with evolving insights about their data," says Kipp. "Whether it's a pilot launch, a fully-deployed production platform, or scaling our software modules to their other insurance lines, our team ensures that clients derive a massive multiple of impact from their EvolutionIQ investment. The ROI is immediate and measurable and can be seen every day via reduced cycle times, reduced reserve allocations, reduced adverse events, more efficient clinical and vocational referrals, and reduced examiner and adjuster attrition."

Typical client interactions include:

  • A rapid feedback loop with a client's senior leadership team, managers and claim examiners and adjusters to ensure in-depth data analysis translates into action
  • Advanced examiner and adjuster onboarding and regular follow-on training as a client's utilization of EIQ software grows
  • Strategic guidance to enable positive transformations across the claim organization
  • Product upgrades and enhancements
  • Development of customized dashboard options for distinct client workflows and metrics
  • Extensive 2-way communication with claims team leadership to document the software's ROI and to continually calibrate the claims recommendations generated so that they align with a carrier's evolving claims resolution goals.

"The key is partnering human beings with AI, so claims teams spend less time with documents and more time helping people," adds Kipp. "To accomplish all of this, we have to maintain full situational awareness of each client's unique business characteristics – and intimately understand how to achieve claim organization objectives through a critical synthesis of client data, our claims guidance platform, and claim expertise."

The appointment comes as EvolutionIQ celebrates record growth in its third year in business with 7 of the top 15 leading Disability Carriers and Third Party Administrators as clients. Typical deployments deliver a 7x to 10x return on investment in as little as one year. As Head of Customer Strategy, Kipp will be instrumental in the continued expansion of EvolutionIQ's SaaS (Software as a Service) platform across Disability, Property & Casualty, and Workers Compensation lines of business.

"We have the insurance industry's leading claims AI technical team as well as in-house insurance experts with more than 100 years of combined industry experience," said Tomas Vykruta, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, EvolutionIQ. "It's in our Client Strategy team where those two sides of the coin – advanced tech and insurance acumen – merge so that the team becomes equally expert at both. The Client Strategy team understands a client's claims as well as the carrier does – and it understands the technology as well as our machine learning experts do. The result is a snowball effect of better claims outcomes."

About EvolutionIQ

EvolutionIQ is the leading provider of claims guidance software. Using advanced, proprietary machine learning and natural language processing, the claims guidance platform actively monitors extremely complex bodily injury claims. The system combines real-time predictive accuracy, clear guidance and explainable AI, and EvolutionIQ's strategic deployment services to ensure adoption and business impact. As a result, EvolutionIQ claims organizations spend their efforts on claims they can impact – and their claimants get better, more tailored service. Insurers choose EvolutionIQ to increase their profitability and control over complex lines of business by integrating decision intelligence into every step of the claims handling process. For more information, visit www.evolutioniq.com and follow the company on LinkedIn.

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