QLED+'s Immense Potential Unleashed by METZ: A New Horizon in Visual Excellence

18.06.24 05:14 Uhr

MILAN, June 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Starting with radio manufacturing and evolving to camera flashlights and TV production, METZ has continuously expanded its brand since its establishment. In 2018, Metz Consumer Electronics GmbH officially launched the METZ blue brand, and based on its 85 years of traditional German manufacturing experience, it has consistently delivered high-quality smart TV solutions through the METZ blue brand. It seamlessly integrates rich historical legacy with contemporary vitality, embodying a synthesis of longstanding traditions and innovative dynamism in its offerings. With rich experience in doing business in Europe, METZ has now expanded its footprints from Germany to across the globe.

For most consumers, the key factor in purchasing a TV is often the picture quality. Among the main TV panels, LED, QLED, OLED and Mini LED are the most common that consumers can see. QLED TVs use quantum dots, which are semiconductor nanocrystals that emit specific colors of light when illuminated by a light source or an electrical current. The application of QLED can help to improve the picture quality of the TV.

Compared with the conventional QLED, METZ has updated the inner QLED technology into the fourth generation, which is named QLED+. As the crown jewel of METZ's technological achievements, QLED+ promises a revolution in picture quality, lifespan, and energy efficiency. At its core, QLED+ harnesses the power of quantum dots. The current fourth generation of QLED Technology, grounded in an innovative structure integrating quantum dot film into diffusion plate layers, makes wide custom color gamut points possible and expands light output efficiency. This strategic combination utilizes a singular layer framework to realize an enhanced wide color gamut. Those tiny particles that emit light of specific wavelengths when excited by an external source serve as the bedrock of the technology's ability to produce unmatched color accuracy and brightness. Addressing concerns over insufficient quantum dot density within quantum diffusion plates, the technology employs a wide-color gamut backlight to fortify the color spectrum. But QLED+ does not stop at harnessing quantum dots; it expounds on their potential. QLED+ refines the art of light control, achieving micro-level precision that elevates the viewing experience to new heights, all achieved through a fresh structural design.

QLED+ has caught the world's attention with its wide color gamut backlight, QD diffusion plate as well as eye care & environment-friendly features.

  • Wide Color Gamut Backlight

Adding a layer of wide color gamut material on the backlight beads results in a purer range of backlight colors when compared to blue light backlight sources, and a wider bandwidth of white light presents more realistic color and uniformity. Where traditional QLED relies on a backlighting system that can sometimes fail to deliver true black levels and suffers from color volume limitations, QLED+ breaks free from these constraints. By incorporating an innovative forward lighting approach, QLED+ ensures that each pixel is masterfully controlled, resulting in deeper blacks, brighter whites, and a dynamic range that brings visual content to life with unprecedented vibrancy.

  • QD Diffusion Plate

While traditional QLED expands the color gamut using red and green quantum dot film layers, fourth-generation QLED technology integrates QD film and diffusion plate layers into one. This single-layer structure improves backlight efficiency and results in a 25% increase in transmittance. QLED+ structure design also increases the service life of QLED+ displays by 15%.

  • Eye Care & Environment-friendly

Additionally, QLED+ panels are designed with the environment in mind. Eliminating the film layer in the structure makes QLED+ panels more environmentally friendly while creating a backlight with a low-blue-light chip greatly reduces blue light damage to the eyes. Viewers can enjoy enhanced visuals at a cost-effective price, without worrying about visual impairment. QLED+ is a display solution that not only meets but exceeds the demands of today's discerning viewers. Specifically, it offers a level of immersion that was once thought impossible to achieve in the home. Images burst from the screen with lifelike colors and contrast, while games and sporting events become so vivid and realistic that individuals feel they are part of the action. And with its superior durability and longevity, users can enjoy their investment without the worry of color degradation over time.

Advantages of METZ QLED+ Technology

Looking to the future, QLED+ represents more than just a step forward—it is a beacon illuminating the path to exceptional visual experiences. For those seeking to understand the full potential of QLED+ and choosing a METZ product, the journey begins here: https://bit.ly/45spRqI

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