15.01.2020 14:00

Real Simple Energy Launches First Third-Party 'Fixed Bill' Service Designed to Streamline the Energy Buying Process for Renters, Budget Conscious Customers

HOUSTON, Jan. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Real Simple Energy, a Texas-based independent electricity agent, announced the launch of a new 'Fixed Bill' service to accompany its current 'Fixed Rate' service available via Real Simple Energy's consumer friendly online platform. This groundbreaking service allows customers to lock in a fixed monthly electricity price for six months, regardless of usage and is targeted to renters, budget conscious consumers, and lower than average electricity users. The Fixed Bill service is the first offered by an independent third-party energy-based company in the state.

Under the new Fixed Bill service, customers save money through the lowest energy rates offered in the market. In addition, they don't have to deal with the complicated process of signing up for electricity. Price fluctuations, hidden fees, and surprise bills are a thing of the past.

Customers visit the Real Simple Energy website, answer a few questions about their residence and energy usage, and receive a completely customized fixed monthly price for electricity over a six-month term, regardless of energy usage, making the service perfect for renters and those on a fixed budget. Energy efficiency is also encouraged on the Fixed Bill service. If a customer uses less electricity over the six-month term than Real Simple Energy anticipates, they are eligible to receive up to 20 percent of the total Fixed Bill contract cost as cash back upon renewal.

"Real Simple Energy is a mission-driven company that is simplifying the energy buying process and sourcing electricity at the lowest possible rate for a given customer's needs," Real Simple Energy Founder and President Trent Crow said. "Consumers across Texas generally overpay for electricity and receive poor customer service from large-scale energy providers. Real Simple Energy is changing that – we are an advocate for the consumer while helping them through the confusing and often frustrating process of signing up for power."

Customers who sign up for energy through Real Simple Energy pay $9 per month, and in turn, the company manages all facets of a customer's energy bill on the back end. In contrast to Fixed Bill which provides a set monthly price, customers who are larger-than-average users of electricity will benefit most from Real Simple Energy's Fixed Rate service that provides the lowest price per kilowatt hour.

"With Fixed Rate, most of our customers pay 36 percent less than the average Texan and we foresee similar savings with the Fixed Bill service," Crow said. "The $9 monthly fee easily pays for itself with the savings we provide. Customers receive one combined bill each month that includes their monthly Real Simple Energy fee along with the energy cost from the provider."

Real Simple Energy's model is based on searching currently available electricity plans in the Texas marketplace and matching the customer to the cheapest plan for them, offering free quotes, another 'first' from an independent electricity agency-advisory group. Under its existing Fixed Rate service, and now under the Fixed Bill option, Real Simple Energy scans thousands of plans on the Texas market daily and finds the best one based on a customer's home characteristics and energy usage behavior. Real Simple Energy manages all facets of a customer's energy bill, cutting out customer service agents and hard to navigate websites of retail energy providers.

"Fixed Bill is not average billing or budget billing that allows an energy provider to increase the price without warning based on past or projected use by a customer," Crow said. "With Fixed Bill, the monthly price is locked in for six-months no matter what – there will never be a surprise bill from Real Simple Energy. We aren't the first company to offer a Fixed Bill contract, but it is the first offered by an independent third-party where the product is based upon the cheapest electricity rates in the market."

"Because we consolidate billing, the billing process is always the same for our customers even though we switch them to different electricity providers," Crow continued. "When a customer's contract is up with a provider, we automatically switch the customer to the best available new contract at that time."

Real Simple Energy is the brainchild of Founder & President Trent Crow, who previously worked as a wholesale energy derivatives trader at a major investment bank. When it came to what he was paying for his own home electricity, Crow spent countless hours trying to identify the best electricity plan for his needs by pouring over the minutia of intricate energy rate structures. Despite his diligence, Crow was never able to confidently identify the best deal. Fed up with the jargon, he founded Real Simple Energy as a solution to the confusing and intentionally misleading marketplace created by the existing legacy retail energy providers that often leaves customers in the dark about what they are spending on electricity.

Real Simple Energy is designed not as an energy provider, but as an independent electricity agent that provides custom products and services to renters, homeowners, and businesses. The free search engine gives an apples-to-apples comparison of thousands of electricity plans in their area after analyzing each user's unique usage profile. Users can use these search results to sign up on their own or become a Real Simple Energy customer, where they receive premium account management services – giving them one less thing to worry about.

"We are data-driven, using proprietary pricing models to create custom products and services for our customers and delivering excellent customer service," Crow said. "Since launching in 2018, we have proven our value in the marketplace. We experienced double-digit month-over-month growth in 2019 and we have less than one percent annual customer churn."

Real Simple Energy is a mission-driven full-service agent for energy plans that believes people should always get a fair deal on basic life necessities, including electricity. Real Simple Energy provides a free search engine to customers – allowing users to get a comparison of thousands of fixed-rate electricity plans in their area utilizing their energy usage. Search results can be used to sign up on their own or become a Real Simple Energy customer, at which point Real Simple Energy provides premium account management services through its Fixed Rate or Fixed Bill services. Since launching, Real Simple Energy's average customer has saved about 36 percent – or $548 – per year. The average savings is calculated by comparing the all-in rate that Real Simple Energy has provided to customers vs. the average rate paid by Texans, according to reported rates from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) and observable market prices. For more information, please visit Follow Real Simple Energy on Twitter @realsimpleenergy, Facebook and LinkedIn.

MEDIA PHOTO: Follow the link for a photo of Trent Crow, Founder and President, and Paul Paras, Founder and Vice-President, of Real Simple Energy.


SOURCE Real Simple Energy

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