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Shanghai Lab Systems' video Effect App ToFe is available in the App Store


SHANGHAI, Aug. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The iOS version of ToFe, an augmented reality (AR) technology-based mobile short video effecting app developed by Shanghai Lab Systems Co., Ltd. was launched in the App Store in mid-July following the availability of the Android version in the Huawei App Gallery. On July 26, the app made its debut on the large screen overlooking New York's Times Square, showcasing its amazing interactive special effects powered by AR technology to the world.  

Video Effect App ToFe Debuts on the big screen in New York Times Square

With multiple AR-based special effects, ToFe delivers a brand-new interactive video shooting experience to users. Most notably, the app can create a virtual world simply by randomly scanning the real-world environment and virtualizing what is captured, while enabling the motion tracking effects as soon as a human being enters the app's field of vision.

Unlike the AR effects available on traditional cameras, ToFe takes the special effects up several notches by fully leveraging LiDAR technology, which can scan a specific object and the environment surrounding it by determining the distance of the object from the camera and capturing detailed information through targeting the object with a laser and measuring the time for the reflected laser beam to make the return trip. In addition, the app delivers a truly magical, in-depth interactive experience by allowing users to interact physically and directly with the AR special effects.

Video Effect app ToFe is availabe in the App Store

By integrating LiDAR technology into ToFe iOS version (compatible with iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max), Shanghai Lab Systems has led the way in the depth sensing camera sector and leveraged the ways in which a time of flight (ToF) sensor can be applied to its products.

LiDAR technology for ToFe is likely to see wide application in a number of dynamic scenarios, including 3D scanning, hand gesture and human body tracking as well as motion sensing gaming. The company plans to collaborate with more partners to develop AR-based interactive special effects that are applicable to additional scenarios.

The Developer of ToFe: Shanghai Lab Systems Co., Ltd.

Contact: info@lab-s.cn

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