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27.07.2021 20:05

SignalBooster.com Offers Better Cell Signal Inside Business Offices and Retail Stores


HOUSTON, July 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- SignalBooster.com offers better a cell signal inside business offices and retail stores with a turnkey indoor cellular coverage solution for small to medium businesses that enhances cell phone reception inside commercial spaces up to 35,000 sq. ft.

As businesses across the USA try to return to normalcy from the pandemic, dropped calls and slow Internet on mobile devices can cause frustration among many returning employees.

Weakened wireless signals indoors are mainly due to reinforced building construction materials that typically include steel and concrete. This is the primary reason for poor quality phone calls in many business locations such as office buildings / smart buildings, standalone retail stores, shopping malls, etc. Weak signals can also be caused by other buildings and new developments in the vicinity that block line of sight signals from nearby cell towers.

Many people now working at their workplace, experience this nagging problem. It has highlighted the importance of adequate cellular coverage, in urban and rural areas alike. However, most small to medium business owners and managers do not find it easy enough to buy a business signal booster system and install it on their own. User-installed cell signal boosters cost less, but may be very difficult to install for many business IT or maintenance personnel.

SignalBooster.com reaches out consistently to raise awareness that its cell phone booster solutions are available to minimize wireless disconnects. It now has a reasonably priced, affordable, and easy to implement package that consists of a powerful business signal booster as well as its professional installation service, nationwide. The cellular amplifier or booster can capture cell signals from faraway cell towers and amplify them to be broadcast indoors to provide consistent wireless connectivity for business owners, managers, and their clients / customers.

While there are other kits for medium to large commercial and business applications that are more powerful and provide better cell coverage over larger indoor spaces, the value-priced kit included in this small to medium size business booster with installation package can potentially provide good cell coverage fully, inside 95% of all small to medium businesses for up to 35K sq. ft. depending on the strength of an outside signal. For larger indoor spaces, a custom integrated solution is required.

With FCC certification and blanket pre-approval by all major United States carriers (post-purchase registration required with respective carrier), this small to medium business cell phone signal booster with installation service can be purchased from SignalBooster.com.

About SignalBooster.com

Offers distributed antenna system (DAS) equipment and installation service. Application-specific wireless signal amplification products available to serve various industries including public safety, consumer, commercial and industrial. Visit their website for more details and answers to questions regarding any cellular-amplifying product and DAS installation service for non-profit and for-profit companies, governmental agencies, industrial businesses and residential properties.

Media contact:

Neal Serrano, CSO 
1 (855) 846-2654
9099 Westheimer Suite G
Houston, TX 77063

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Turnkey Indoor Cellular Signal Enhancement Solution
Better cell signal inside business offices and retail stores.

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SOURCE SignalBooster.com

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