09.08.2022 04:00

Singapore based autonomous vehicle technology startup, MooVita, inks strategic partnership to continue bringing safer, more efficient, and carbon-neutral transportation.


SINGAPORE, Aug. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- MooVita, a market leader in vehicle-agnostic driverless software solutions for urban environment, has today signed a strategic partnership with China's leading automotive tier-1 parts supplier, Desay SV (DSV), to further drive a safer, more efficient, and carbon-neutral mode of transportation.

MooVita and DSV will collaborate in the development of AV Level-3 to Level 4+ full-stack software application residing in DSV's proven and enhanced high computing power firmware. This will involve a complete set of complex algorithms and operations-service capabilities, enabling vehicles to operate autonomously without much human intervention for urban driving conditions.

Under this partnership, both companies will bring forth their expertise to create commercial value innovations for their customers. With DSV's industry proven and enhanced computing platform, coupled with MooVita's AV software capability and industry experience, the partnership will offer an interesting value proposition to customers. This will allow MooVita to further enhance the smart bus operations model for public transport scenarios which they are already involved in. The deployment of such autonomous driving core technologies is expected to be rolled out in the first half of 2023.

This collaboration signifies the companies' shared vision of achieving safe, efficient, and carbon-neutral transportation through vehicle autonomy. Both companies intend to develop and embark on technology development and the operations of L4 autonomous buses, starting with Singapore, Malaysia and China.

"Global climate changes drastically, and it's affecting many of us. To reduce the impacts we contribute directly or indirectly, MooVita continues to build road-worthy autonomous carbon neutral transportations, safely serving all to their destination. Together, we believe that both MooVita's proprietary autonomous driving software stack and Desay SV's industry-certified hardware will create a greater synergy to bring our shared vision to the next level as we build autonomous transportation in the region." said Dr. Dilip Limbu, Co-founder, and COO of MooVita.

"Desay SV's mission and commitment to deliver a safe and efficient mobility solution is evident which permeates into all its products and research & development activities. It offers high technology solutions with artificial intelligence features through machine and deep learning algorithms, enabling smart solutions to vehicle autonomy. We believe our partnership with Moovita will definitely help Singapore's quest to be in the front of autonomous vehicle development in the region." said Azmoon Ahmad, Executive Vice-President & Managing Director, Desay SV Automotive Singapore.

About MooVita Pte Ltd. 
Founded 2016, Singapore headquartered MooVita is a high-tech provider of smart mobility solutions for urban environments. With offices in Singapore, Malaysia, and India, the high-tech startup offers vehicle-agnostic, driverless software capabilities for applications such as first and last-mile transportation, logistics transportation, and utility solutions. MooVita's solutions can be deployed across multiple industries such as hospitality service providers (hotels and resorts), industrial parks, commercial offices, and residential estates.

About Desay SV 
Desay SV (China A-share stock code: 002920), one of the leading mobility technology companies, is committed to play an active role in the transformation of future mobility. Desay SV Automotive offers Smart Solution which encompass 3 areas, namely Smart Cabin, Smart Drive and Smart Service. Equipped with its state-of-the-art camera and radar and powered by intelligent cabin and computing platform connected with cloud, Desay SV Automotive provides global customers with a safer, more comfortable and efficient mobility product and service. Today it operates ten R&D centres and four production plants in China, Europe, Japan, America and Singapore with a collective workforce of over 6000 employees. Headquartered in Huizhou, Guangdong, China, it has established long-term partnerships with leading vehicle manufacturers including Volkswagen, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Honda, Volvo, Caterpillar, Great Wall Motors and Chery.


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