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20.10.2021 20:36

Southeast Asia's stellar growth in fintech and shopping powers SHAREit into clinching the global top media publisher spot along with Google, Facebook and TikTok

  • Powering finance and e-commerce businesses in Southeast Asia: SHAREit ranks #3 after global giants like Google and Facebook on the Retention and IAP (in app purchases) Index for Finance and E-Commerce category volume rankings, according to the 13th edition of AppsFlyer's Performance Index for H1,2021.

  • Starring with market leaders on a global scale: SHAREit ranks #4 globally after Google, Facebook and TikTok across all categories in the IAP index volume rankings.

  • Breaking into new markets: SHAREit also emerged as the #1 fastest-growing publisher in North America and #2 in Latin America, after TikTok.

SINGAPORE, Oct.21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- SHAREit Group, a global technology company, today announced that its file sharing, content streaming and gaming app SHAREit, has been ranked third in Southeast Asia for driving the high retention and IAP volumes amongst Android users for companies in the finance and e-commerce industries. The rankings are provided by AppsFlyer, a marketing measurement and experience platform which released the 13th edition of their Performance Index this week, featuring the top media sources in mobile advertising. The report included 623 media sources to examine 33 billion app installs, 17,000 apps, and 55 billion app opens.


At a global level, the app based advertising platform was ranked #4 globally after Google, Facebook and TikTok in the Volume rankings for IAP index across all categories. SHAREit has also expanded its influence to other markets, as it ranked as the fastest growing publisher in North America and second fastest in Latin America after TikTok.

The rankings spotlight the growing role of SHAREit as a preferred marketing platform for mobile marketers looking to drive quality users and branding. There are hundreds of the companies' customers from the finance and e-commerce space which is a key strategic growth area for the company.

"In-app purchases are on the rise in Southeast Asia in 2021 as consumers spend more online. The region has experienced a 240% increase in spending according to another AppsFlyer report on the State of eCommerce App Marketing in 2021. Mobile banking and contactless payments have emerged as key trends in Southeast Asia and we are excited to be catalysing this growth. These have been at the centre of our business strategy as we look to become an advertising powerhouse for brands." says, Karam Malhotra, Partner and Global Vice-President at SHAREit Group. "We are thrilled to be named as a leading media publisher for brands in finance and e-commerce categories in driving their in-app purchases in the region and looking forward to helping more businesses ride the wave and grow."

SHAREit's primary feature is the peer to peer file transfer, allowing users to share videos, apps, pictures and more, with other devices without using internet or Bluetooth connection. Being one of the first app channel partners of Google Play, it also ensures secure application transfers with Peer-to-Peer Offline App Sharing – letting users share apps via SHAREit, adding them to the user's Play Library and managing app updates when the device comes back online.

SHAREit has also established itself as a one-stop digital content platform, providing users with gaming, content discovery and consumption services. SHAREit has a dedicated gaming center on the application, which offers HTML5 games, gaming videos and an option to download hot games. With games across all genres, it has one of the largest catalogs of mobile games from developers across the globe. SHAREit continued its impressive upward momentum in the gaming category ranking 8th globally and also expanding its strong presence from mid-core and casual to being ranked in the top 10 across all categories including arcade, puzzle, simulation and hyper-casual games globally, according to the recent AppsFlyer Performance Index XIII.

About SHAREit Group

SHAREit Group is a global technology company that has built a diversified suite of applications installed by nearly 2.4 billion users worldwide, including the core app SHAREit. These range from popular tools in the utility space to digital entertainment content applications. SHAREit Group's business network reaches over 150 countries in 45 different languages. SHAREit aims to help brands achieve their business goals and users to access seamless digital content of the highest possible quality.



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