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StemCyte Announces Breakthrough Allogeneic Cell Therapy Technology


BALWIND PARK, Calif., Aug. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- StemCyte, Inc. and Professor Hu Che-Ming of the Academia Sinica Taiwan jointly developed the world's first initiative to use allogeneic dendritic cells to activate the immune system for the treatment of diseases. The research results have been published at Advanced Materials (Impact Factor: 27.4) and the paper has been selected as a cover page story for the July 28, 2021 issue. This breakthrough technology will be applied toward developing StemCyte's future cell therapy products to treat diseases.

StemCyte is a global regenerative therapeutics company established in 1997 and based in Southern California with facilities in Taiwan and India. The company is a leader in cord blood banking for private family banking, and is a proud public bank member of the California Umbilical Cord Blood Program.

Breakthrough technology will solve the bottleneck issues of long-term cell storage and transportation of cell products. 

Dr. Tong-Young Lee, CEO of StemCyte International Ltd. ("StemCyte"), indicated that this invention is currently the first and only technology in the world that can freeze-dry cells while preserving living cell properties. Proprietary results of this novel technology have been submitted for a global patent application in May 2020. StemCyte will own the exclusive IP rights for the development of future disease treatment drugs using this technique. Dr. Lee states the company is looking forward to collaboration with potential partners.

StemCyte is a portfolio company of Microbio Group, focusing on new drug discovery in cell therapy. It has operations in the United States, Taiwan, and India. The company has cooperated with more than 350 medical transplant centers around the world, and has successfully assisted in the treatment of more than 2,200 patients using cord blood transplants. There are very few global companies that have both public and private umbilical cord blood hybrid banks involved in clinical cell therapy applications and new drug development.

StemCyte announced that according to this study, the specially modified allogeneic dendritic cells can activate and stimulate T cells in the body, which can then attack and kill tumor cells. Specialized allogeneic dendritic cells deliver a strong immune stimulating ability while avoiding any potential immune rejection.

The development of allogeneic dendritic cells by global biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, despite numerous best efforts, have encountered obstacles and high threshold concepts without significant breakthroughs in the past 20 years. This latest breakthrough technology StemCyte owns shall solve the bottleneck issues of long-term cell storage and transportation of cell products. The Product Development team can process the dendritic cell preparations through freeze drying and storage, followed by rehydrating the cells. When applied, the reconstituted therapeutic cell products still retain the ability to stimulate cell proliferation and activation.


Contact: Research@StemCyte.com


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