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SURGLASSES' SPINE NAVIGATION SYSTEM CADUCEUS S - An innovation greatly influencing minimally invasive surgeries


TAICHUNG, Aug. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology Co. Ltd (SURGLASSES), Taiwan, a company striving to bring a difference into the real time surgical procedure after the introduction of the first AR assisted Head Mounted Display Foresee-X, is now coming up with a new product SURGLASSES' SPINE NAVIGATION SYSTEM CADUCEUS S. CADUCEUS S is the SPINE NAVIGATION SYSTEM with the AR/MR Head Mounted Display taking the spine surgeries to a new level. The Navigation Tracking and AR/MR HMD with the superimposition of the 3D model of the spine of the patient gives the surgeons a better understanding of the entry point, the calculation of the depth, and angle of the instrument used for the spinal surgeries being it the drills or the pedicle screws to be implanted. Dr. Chang, Chin Chang, attending physician for the Taipei Veterans General Hospital was the one to perform the cadaver testing for the CADUCEUS S. Dr. Chang said, "It is my pleasure to be the pioneer in utilizing the AR assisted Navigation System for the Spine Surgery. The Mixed Reality technology, provided by Caduceus S from Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology Co. Ltd, could decrease the learning curve and facilitate the surgical workflow in minimally invasive spine surgery."

SURGLASSES' SPINE NAVIGATION SYSTEM CADUCEUS S – An innovation greatly influencing minimally invasive surgeries

Caduceus S is the world's first smart surgical glasses using "MR mixed reality technology" and calculating the position of the camera image. The X-ray image is displayed in front of the surgeon's eyes in real-time, bringing digitization into the operating room and becoming a key tool for the substantial advancement of surgical procedures. Caduceus S can help the surgeons from setting the spine positioning fixture set to performing the pre-operative planning. Once the pre-operative planning is done, the images are exported to the HMD in front of the surgeons' eyes to find the entry point for the spine, adjusting the angle and measuring the incision depth. The superimposition of the 3D model of the spine onto the patients' bodies facilitates the surgeons to have the X-Ray vision enhancing the efficiency of the surgical procedures. Dr. Chang performed 24 pedicle screw insertions with an accuracy of less than 1.5mm. 

The CEO of SURGLASSES, Dr. Wang, Min Liang, once again seems to bring another medical innovation into the market with the focus on improving the medical-surgical procedure impacting the surgeons and patients altogether. Discussing with Dr. Wang, "SURGLASSES always work hard to keep up with the emerging trend into the surgical procedure and creating a difference into the surgical procedure," he said.

As per Dr. Wang, CADUCEUS S is pending its FDA 510(K) and is in the final review process by the FDA. Keeping an eye on one of leading biotechnology companies in the world with the most innovative products for the medical sector and look forward to CADUCEUS S to impact the surgical theater's environment. Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology Co. Ltd. started the idea of developing the technology in collaboration and discussion with KOLs worldwide in 2013. Developing the prototypes to the final commercial product has been a journey for SURGLASSES to bring it all together to the surgical procedures. SURGLASSES' CEO, Dr. Wang, "We would like to thank all the KOLs and the strategic partners for helping us inside out. They helped us with the development, growth of the technology, and making it an exceptional tool providing leverage to the professionals into the surgical theaters. We are very grateful for their support."

Media Contact: Min-Liang Wang, miron@surglasses.com, +886-4-25652818

SOURCE Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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