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TDSC (Throwing Dude Space Camp PFP NFT) - Landing in Fall 2022


TDSC Picture for Profile NFT Launches This Fall – Join the TDSC Waitlist

TORONTO, Aug. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- A revolutionary PFP NFT called Throwing Dude Space Camp (TDSC) will be launching in the Fall. 10,000 NFTs will be available.  TDSC features next level art, astonishing rarity, and a ground-breaking road map. Click here to subscribe to the waitlist.

TDSC PFP NFT Launches This Fall – Join the TDSC Waitlist

Gyro Plasmic (pseudonym), Founder of TDSC says; "we examined top performing blue chip NFTs and our Throwing Dudes are very distinctive, especially given the added benefit of our throwing motion and the abundance of throwing objects and sports." 

Over 650 Traits Including he/him, she/her, they/them plus Surprises

We discovered how to create different gender identities within our universe of Dudes.  Our Throwing Dudes will be he/him, she/her, and they/them.   We will also achieve greater rarity through the processes of constraining. With over 70 throwing objects, rarity is deeper versus the other PFP NFT projects. Subscribe to our waitlist.

Bringing The Representation of Action to PFP NFTs

We believe quarterbacks have the best throwing motion and we integrated that into all our Dudes. Additionally, we cover a wide variety of other throwing sports. Since our Dudes are from across our Universe, some of their capabilities go way beyond just throwing mere earthly objects and include galactic and even mythical throwing. Click for TDSC waitlist.

Long Term Orientation Towards Roadmap

We are in it for the long haul and as TDCS gets resourced through revenue, we plan to introduce many benefits to the Throwing Dude Space Camp membership, which may potentially include: our 57 planets art reveal, exclusive member merchandise, space camping festival under our aurora borealis, release of space camp song anthem and more.  Join our waitlist.

Innovating Sports with Sci-Fi and Vice Versa

TDSC is about living the creative inspired life and pursuing the joy of throwing and the joy of exploring.  Space and sports have these in common too.  No matter your skill level, or where you come from in our universe, Throwing Dude Space Camp galactically celebrates the comradery of Space Camp and throwing.  TDSC will push the boundaries of what is possible for a PFP NFT and will have a lot of fun doing it.  

Dudes Arriving Fall 2022

Click here to join the Throwing Dude's waitlist.


Throwing Dude Space Camp (TDSC) is owned and operated by QaQaQ Inc.

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