19.09.2021 03:30

The World Clean Earth Day Comes, Guangdong Quadrant Takes Actions


SHANTOU, China, Sept. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The World Clean Earth Day, also known as the World Clean Day, set on the third weekend of September, is a global cleaning activity, initiated by Australia's international environmental protection organization member Ian Keenan. It is an international social initiative to tackle the world's uncontrolled land-based litter and marine litter by influencing change in human behavior. 

Guangdong Quadrant Ecological Technology Co., Ltd., as an experienced supplier of environmental hotel amenities, has already taken actions in researching and developing marine plastic use, to support environmental protection.

In each ocean, garbage is gradually shifted towards the center by ocean circulation and geostrophic forces, creating concentrations of pollutants. But when plastic particles exceed a certain concentration, they can contaminate marine life. The amount of garbage we typically see accumulating on the surface of the ocean is not the tip of the iceberg, maybe 0.5 percent of the total. Perhaps most frightening of all, ocean debris breaks into tiny pieces that are almost impossible to find. Plastic becomes more like a chemical dissolved in water than a chemical floating in water. 

The next stop for plastic waste could be people's dinner table. When the whole Marine ecosystem is disrupted, Marine organisms die in large numbers frequently, and the ubiquitous plastic waste in the ocean eventually passes through the food chain and returns to human beings. Humans created plastic, also creating convenience while also massively polluting our environment, killing Marine life, and ultimately harming themselves. Preventing plastic pollution and improving ocean health has become an urgent matter.

In this respect, Guangdong Quadrant has never stopped its pace. After a long research and development, it has gained the technique to change ordinary plastics such as PET bottle, PE bottle, PP bottle cap, to marine plastic material, which is renewable and environment friendly. Its marine plastic packaging materials have passed relevant authorized certification.

For a better living environment on the earth, for the beauty of the vast sea, people must take actions. Everyone contributes his part, the earth and ocean would become more beautiful.

Irene Song

SOURCE Guangdong Quadrant Ecological Technology Co., Ltd.

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