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"The World's Specialty" Program Popular on China Hainan Satellite TV Leads to Hot Sale


HAIKOU, China, Nov. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- "The World's Specialty", a popular economic, trade and cultural exchange program on China Hainan Satellite TV, adopts the popular "livestreaming" to lead to the hot sale of special products from various countries in China. This regular marketing program, with ambassadors in China as the key roles, renders innovative design and novel content for great fun as a new content for mainstream Chinese media. Many ambassadors in China have given the program the highest praise.

(PRNewsfoto/China Hainan Satellite TV)

Raja Datuk Nusirwan, Malaysian ambassador in China, opened a durian on his own and shared it with the audience. He regarded it as a very novel way to show such a diplomatic activity on a TV program.

Mohammed Badri, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt in China, said, "This is a highly interactive program. It will enable different countries and peoples to learn more about each other."

Fernando Lugris, Ambassador of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay in China, said, "I love China, I like Chinese people very much. And I hope Chinese audiences can learn more about the culture of Uruguay."

Specialty is worth sharing. "The World's Specialty" program adopts a large number of color elements, such as green mountains, blue seas and oasis, conveying a great sense of vastness and youthfulness. It incorporates international elements in details to convey the concept of internationalization. In addition, entertainment and immersive experience are added to arouse the interest of ordinary audiences, which makes it a hot show among Chinese audiences. It has a great influence in the field of public diplomacy and the embassy circle in China, and enjoys a high reputation.

"The World's Specialty" program is designed for China Hainan Satellite TV to profoundly expound the huge leading role of Chinese values in the world based on China's concept and practice of building a new kind of international win-win cooperation relations and a "community with a shared future for mankind". Each ambassador in the program not only introduces the selected goods of their country and the cultural connotation behind those goods, but also discusses the exchanges and friendship between their country and China in history and predict the future economic and trade relations between the two countries. The show has received good feedbacks from audiences from all walks of life in China and the countries involved. The Taobao Livestreaming Room of "The World's Specialty" has kept attracting lots of fans for online shopping.

It is reported that to make it more exciting, the program will adopt distinct themes in each season. It will also provide special sections for countries with special products. With everchanging styles and wonderful goodies, it will be more attractive. This program has formed a complete business logic ranging from culture to E-commerce, and found a new commercial development model for China's mainstream media.

"The World's Specialty" program will be broadcast on China Hainan Satellite TV at 19:30 every Saturday night. The goodies in "The World's Specialty" will be sold online simultaneously in the Taobao Livestreaming Room.

Youtube website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClBqPUi9Tm_d55kKy3yVwaQ/featured

SOURCE China Hainan Satellite TV

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