Therma Rebrands as GlacierGrid: the World's Leading Cooling Intelligence Platform

27.02.24 19:00 Uhr

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Therma°, a cooling intelligence platform combating food and energy waste, is excited to announce a rebrand as GlacierGrid. 

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While our mission – to combat the warming caused by cooling – remains the same, we are renaming the company to GlacierGrid because energy management is inextricably linked to our platform's evolution and to preventing climate change. GlacierGrid manages customers' electricity consumption more effectively and profitably. In the years ahead, all companies will use technologies to do this seamlessly and without risk to customer experience.

Since 2020, we have relentlessly focused on building technologies that enable businesses to run more efficiently and sustainably. We have developed products that help our customers reduce food waste, energy use, and equipment downtime. Today, our platform leverages AI and machine learning to manage energy and equipment performance, yielding dramatic cost savings in capital expenditures and utility bills. The bottom line: GlacierGrid drives considerable economic returns for our customers.

Refrigeration and air conditioning are essential for human health, enabling comfort, convenience, and access to critical food and pharmaceuticals. Together, these two sectors represent the least understood significant driver of climate change. Cooling accounts for nearly 10% of global CO2 emissions driven by energy use, food waste, and refrigerant leakage. With rapid economic development, the global demand for cooling is burgeoning, exacerbating this modern "cooling crisis."

GlacierGrid transforms thousands of cooling systems into cheaper, cleaner, and smarter equipment that become virtual power plants, preventing millions of metric tons of CO2 emissions.

Manik Suri, GlacierGrid's Founder and CEO, expressed excitement about the rebrand, stating, "GlacierGrid embodies the intersection of cooling equipment and energy management that defines our company. Our rebrand reinforces our position as an emerging leader in climate innovation, focusing on economic levers to help reduce global warming." 

Co-founder Aaron Cohen adds, "GlacierGrid is a company the world needs yesterday. I've been a successful entrepreneur my whole life, but I'd trade it all to see this company fulfill its potential."

GlacierGrid's clients, partners, and stakeholders can expect the same high standards of service, commitment to excellence, and drive to innovate that Therma° is known for today.

About GlacierGrid (formerly known as Therma°):

Cooling, which includes refrigeration and HVAC, is the least understood significant driver of climate change. GlacierGrid's Cooling Intelligence Platform uses artificial intelligence, IoT sensors, and equipment controls to reduce energy usage, prevent food waste, and reduce carbon emissions.

GlacierGrid, Inc. (formerly known as Therma°) was founded by Manik Suri, an expert on climate, technology, and public policy. Manik has spoken on the cooling crisis at leading forums, including The New York Times Climate Hub at COP26 and Techonomy Climate. He previously held positions at global investment firm D.E. Shaw & Company, the White House National Economic Council, and is a former Affiliate of Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society.

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