Tuesday Health Launches Revolutionary Supportive Care Solution with $60 Million of Strategic Investment from Healthcare Leaders

21.05.24 21:00 Uhr

Partnership with Valtruis, Blue Venture Fund, Mass General Brigham Ventures, and CareSource, to provide individualized and appropriately timed supportive care for patients facing serious illness. 

NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Tuesday Health, a pioneer in value-based care dedicated to transforming serious illness, has launched its innovative supportive care solution in partnership with Valtruis, Blue Venture Fund, Mass General Brigham Ventures, and CareSource. This alliance brings a $60 million strategic investment to Tuesday Health, fueling its mission to redefine supportive care for patients and caregivers facing serious illnesses. "Leveraging clinical expertise, advanced data solutions, and cutting-edge technology, while partnering with Ohio's largest Medicaid plan, its largest hospice provider and the unmatched palliative care experience of Mass General, Tuesday Health is dedicated to tackling one of healthcare's biggest challenges-providing support and care in the right setting, at the right time, for those facing serious illness", said Jim Wieland, CEO of Tuesday Health.

Tuesday Health: Value-Based Supportive Care

Tuesday Health Launches Supportive Care Solution with $60 Million of Strategic Investment from Healthcare Leaders

Despite the recognized benefits of supportive care in improving patient experiences and quality of life, significant barriers exist. Whether in traditional Medicare, Medicare Advantage or dual coverage Medicare/Medicaid plans , seniors and their families face a confusing and uncoordinated set of choices in their final years. This leads to increased hospitalizations, higher healthcare costs, and reduced overall efficiency in the healthcare system. The wonderful, but outdated Medicare Hospice Benefit structure further exacerbates these challenges, creating obstacles and adverse incentives for hospice providers striving to deliver optimal patient care and for insurers trying to provide seniors seamless coverage. Tuesday Health's mission focuses on providing supportive care earlier in a patient's journey and getting the right services, from the best providers, at the right time in an individual's life.

"We built Tuesday Health to identify and engage patients and caregivers earlier in the course of disease so that we can take proactive, clinically proven measures to address their evolving needs over time, including appropriate transitions to high-quality hospice care when the time is right," said Dr. Mihir Kamdar, head of care delivery of Tuesday Health and former section head of palliative care at Mass General Brigham. "Our experienced team has tremendous expertise when it comes to meaningful interventions for the seriously ill, and a deep-rooted belief in the importance of modernizing supportive care for patients and their caregivers."

Tuesday Health provides compassionate, supportive care that aligns with patient and caregiver needs from diagnosis to treatment. Tuesday Health facilitates a seamless transition from Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, or commercial insurance into high-quality hospice care when appropriate, offering a coordinated and integrated experience for patients and caregivers. Tuesday Health's clinical program, powered by their proprietary technology platform including its app mytuesday, provides a seamless patient experience. Through the mytuesday app, patients and caregivers can self-report symptoms, helping create personalized care plans delivered through a network of top-tier supportive care providers. This approach reaches more patients, families, and caregivers exactly when they need it most.  Making the end of life's journey clearer and more supportive is long overdue -- and Tuesday Health is being built to drive that positive change.

Valtruis, a leading next-generation healthcare investment firm, brings extensive expertise in healthcare innovation. "We are excited to join forces with Tuesday Health as they embark on their journey to transform supportive care," said Anna Haghgooie, managing director at Valtruis. "Tuesday Health's commitment to patient-centric care aligns perfectly with our vision for advancing healthcare."

"We're dedicated to connecting individuals and their caregivers with timely, valuable resources while reducing health care's administrative and systematic obstacles," said Joshua Boynton, senior vice president, complex health solutions of CareSource. "Working with Tuesday Health helps to ensure that those with serious illness diagnoses seamlessly receive member-centric, supportive care, so their caregivers can focus on what matters - the person, not paperwork."

The alliance between Tuesday Health, Valtruis, Blue Venture Fund, Mass General Brigham Ventures, and CareSource is fueled by a shared vision to revolutionize supportive care and improve experiences for patients and caregivers.  "We are starting now in Ohio, and we will expand nationwide rapidly," said Wieland.  Together, these capable partners aim to address systemic healthcare challenges and provide individualized, appropriately timed supportive care to those in need.

To learn more about Tuesday Health, visit www.TuesdayHealth.com

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Tuesday Health is a value-based supportive care organization that delivers patient-directed, whole-person care and support for seriously ill patients and their caregivers. The company is dedicated to transforming supportive care through clinical expertise, industry-leading data, and technology. Launched in 2023, Tuesday Health was developed from a partnership of Valtruis and Mass General Brigham Ventures.

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