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23.10.2021 12:00

University of Chicago Courses to Master Data: Storytelling and Predictive Analytics


CHICAGO, Oct. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- As world goes digital, data has become a key element at any company to analyze, plan and make good decisions. Thanks to the information provided by data, organizations no longer need to rely on hunches or impulsive decisions, but rather they can rely on data as a fundamental element to plan for the future, think of new actions, and make better decisions. As the trend of using big data has become more popular in business, a new need has emerged: to visually represent data sets to detect and understand trends and patterns hidden in an accessible way.

The University of Chicago, one of the world's most prestigious educational institutions and home to 93 Nobel Prize laureates, has adapted its academic offerings to the present day to meet the new challenges of the digital age. In an economic environment in which companies are looking more than ever towards big data, training is crucial and career opportunities are immense. For this reason, the University of Chicago is starting on November 9 two innovative programs, completely online in both Spanish and English, to help organizations and professionals who want to take advantage of this new opportunity to master data.

  • 'Storytelling with Data' gives participants the opportunity to take advantage of the enormous amount of data that floods our daily lives. It is important to know how to extract information, which by itself lacks value. Collecting data, organizing it in a coherent way and communicating through it is essential in the digital age. In short, companies want to accelerate their decision making and to do so, they need to master data. 
  • 'Predictive Analytics for Marketing' is aimed at marketing and sales professionals who want to refine their campaigns using data. These are necessary to reach the right audience, measure the impact of their strategies, predict consumer trends and forecast the lifetime value of customers. By controlling all this information, they will be able to adapt nimbly to market trends, which are increasingly volatile and competitive.
  • Both online programs last 8 weeks and will be taught in both English and Spanish.

    If the world of data is something that appeals to you, there's still time to enroll in the University of Chicago's online courses and become one of the successful companies and professionals who base their planning and decisions on data. The University of Chicago is one of the most influential educational institutions. It is among the top six universities in the world and almost 200,000 students have studied in its courses. Do not miss this opportunity. Learn out about these courses created for the specific needs of today's professionals and their work environment, which is becoming increasingly digital and dependent on new technologies.

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