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World Bioeconomy Forum - a global platform for circular bioeconomy


HELSINKI, Sept. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The World BioEconomy Forum is now making final preparations for the World Bioeconomy Forum goes to Brazil – live from Belém! 18-20 October 2021. The event will bring together some 60 prominent stakeholders from the global circular bioeconomy as keynote speakers, moderators, and panellists to discuss the latest challenges and opportunities presented to the sector.

The Four Pillar structure for the World BioEconomy Forum

In just four years the World Bioeconomy Forum has evolved to become the leading global platform for high-level discussions relating to the circular bioeconomy. As well as the major annual event, the Forum also holds regular Roundtables, has developed a breaking news app for the bioeconomy and has created exclusive networking platforms for sector stakeholders. It also promotes an annual Bioproduct Day, to highlight the need for consumers to use only products made using renewable resources.

The Forum strictly operates under a four-pillar structure by which it evaluates the status of the circular bioeconomy and facilitates developments of the sector. This makes the Forum and its activities robust and effective, enabling the facilitating of a fully working bioeconomy and thus making significant efforts in the mitigation of climate change.

The four pillars are:

  • The Bioeconomy: People, Planet, Policies
  • Global Leaders and the Financial World
  • Bioproducts Around Us
  • Looking to the Future

All Forum programs and activities are aligned with the four-pillar structure, including all Roundtables and the annual Declaration. This four-pillar structure ensures that all relevant stakeholders in the circular bioeconomy have a voice and a platform.

On 15th September, the Forum held a Roundtable discussion under the pillar of Looking to the Future, which focused on topic – What does the BioEconomy mean to Brazil and to the Amazon? The main takeaway from the discussion was that right now the momentum is right, and Brazil is embracing the concept of the bioeconomy. The link to the Roundtable can be found here for those wishing to view the discussion: https://www.forumbioeconomia.com.br/en/roundtable.html.

Jukka Kantola, Founder of the World BioEconomy Forum, says, "This has been an exciting journey and our mission is of growing importance when taking into account the obvious repercussions of climate change being seen all over the world. The four-pillar approach allows us to evaluate the status of the circular bioeconomy and based on our findings we can propose the corrective measures needed. The Declaration for 2021 will be disclosed on the 20th of October in Belém and will include the current status of the circular bioeconomy and it will again be a testimony and action plan as to what efforts are needed to foster the bioeconomy globally.

"At our annual Forum event in Brazil next month we will be showcasing just how important the bioeconomy is becoming to the Amazon region – which is not just important for Brazil, but also for the rest of the world. We will be in Belém for our usual 'hard talk' on the issues that affect all regions of the world with discussions taking place in a relaxed atmosphere and in an exceptional environment."

World Bioeconomy Forum Logo

More information:
Jukka Kantola 
Founder of the World BioEconomy Forum
+358 40 552 8880

SOURCE World Bioeconomy Forum

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